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A manic grin appeared on Haruko’s face as she sped through the streets on her Vespa.  This of course did not bode well for Naota, who was riding right behind her.

“Slow down, Haruko!”

“What’s the matter, Naota?  Scared?” teased Haruko as she sped up.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” demanded Naota as he held on for dear life.

The pink-haired woman could only laugh like the demon Naota thought she was.  She was just having so much fun trying to get Naota to live a little for once.  What better way than to speed down the highway at top speed?

“You’re such a prude, Naota!  How do you even have friends when you’re always so serious?!”

“That’s because I don’t do crazy things like this!”

Haruko’s grin widened as she felt Naota’s grip becoming tighter.  Getting under the boy’s skin was one of the best hobbies she had taken up when she arrived on Earth.  She doubted that anything could top that!

Soon Haruko saw the exit she had to take and crossed over five lanes to get to it, causing cars to flip over and crash in the process.  Naota wished he could say he was shocked, but with Haruko in his life that was impossible.

“We’re here!” exclaimed Haruko with her Cheshire grin.

Naota grimaced when he saw that they were back home.  All they did was go out to pick up some groceries, since Canti was off with Mamimi for some reason, and the trip turned into some sort of extreme sport because of Haruko.  Grabbing the bag of groceries, Naota headed inside.

“Next time, I’ll get the groceries myself,” grumbled the boy as he passed Haruko.

Smirking in amusement, Haruko couldn’t wait for the next time they had to head out.  She had to think of more ways to make Naota’s life a living hell.  Maybe she could involve that Ninamori girl he hangs out with.

Oh yes, Haruko Haruhara was going to have some fun.


Ride on shooting star on the fourteenth day.


Who else is looking for the new FLCL episodes coming next year?  Thank you, Toonami!

RosewaterGasmask Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016
You have no idea how excited I've been for the new episodes. It's been a decade yo. 
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