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Hi there a friend of mine from Discord found a comment where you're trying to blame the lgbt commuinity for pedophillia.


Im a member of that commuinity and i want to say that lgbtq does not fetishsize children because of their sexuality. our sexuality isnt a choice and our commuinity has nothing to do with child fetishsization. Fetishsizing is a choice sexuality isnt

Children don't have a sexuality until they hit puberty, yet the LGBT really loves to push their "message" onto the pre-pubescent children who shouldn't have to deal with that. Fetishsizing is a choice, yes, and the LGBT are CHOOSING to target children.

Now listen here, the LGBT did nothing wrong, plus I respect the LGBT they are HUMAN BEINGS. And beside the Pope now accepted the LGBT and it literally said the Bible saying you should never judge and love all people for love covers multiple of sins. And if you say “God hates them” well your wrong cause god loves everyone and I mean everyone cause he created us, and again the message they’re putting is “be yourself and love who you wanna love” that’s the message love acceptance and being you, they’re not shoving they’re LGBT stuff in kids throats I mean I watched shows with LGBT characters and Steven Universe is fill with LGBT stuff and it’s a kids cartoon and I’m still what I am, I support everyone they’re race and LGBT cause they’re human beings, I I’ll respect them no matter what unless if they’re a murderer a drug addict or predators then I won’t respect them, plus Miko is my friend they will never think of doing that to kids, you must’ve look at a wrong website, cause that’s wrong

Except that there ARE pedophiles who will use the LGBT as a means of trying to normalize their lifestyle. Hell, California awhile back pretty much made pedophilia okay as long as it was same sex and what type of act was performed. And the worst thing to happen to the pedo is that they MIGHT, I repeat MIGHT, have to register as a sex offender if they get caught.

So while your friend Miko might not be a pedophile, and I believe you on that, that doesn't change the fact that the LGBT organization DOES have pedophiles in it.

"God hates them" is a scapegoat that religious nuts use to excuse their own shitty behavior because they're too much like sheep to take responsibility for their actions.

And Steven Universe is NOT a kids show. It's not a secret that it's target audience was ALWAYS the Cal Arts/Tumblr crowd and they are not kids.

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theyre not pushing anything. Theyre just teaching children that people have the right to love whoever they want. and they shouldnt have the right to judge. also stop blaming everything on lgbtq people. being lgbtq is natrual. if someone is fetishsizing something it has nothing to do with their sexuality, Don't assume what a person does based on who they are

I'm sorry, did I accuse YOU of being a pedophile? No, I didn't. Just because YOU are not one, doesn't mean there aren't any in the LGBT trying to normalize their own lifestyle. So instead of getting on my case for speaking the truth, how about you go and try to weed out the freaks who are making the LGBT look bad.

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Just watched the latest Smash trailer. Fans finally got the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 representative.... or... should I say... representatives!