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In the times we're in right now, we need to do everything we can to help get rid of COVID so we can finally live normal lives. Unfortunately some people just don't care as long as they can put money in their own pockets. In this case, the Harvey Weinstein of the animé business decided to have a health center shut down just so he and his cronies could hold a convention. This doesn't really come as a surprise considering all of the dirty laundry that has been coming to the surface when it comes to Funimation over the past few years. Sabat's casting couch, Marchi changing scripts to insert her own politics, Rial making false accusations because she didn't get top billing in a movie, Schemmel acting like a diva and bashing on every other known Goku VA. These people have even gone as far as to treat their fans like grabage, even though it's the fans who help make them money in the first place. This is also why people have been pirating animé more in recent years because they don't
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...Support abuse (like BakuDeku). ...Pretend to support LGBT. ...Sees homosexuality as a fetish for their own gratification (which is why they take STRAIGHT characters and turn them gay instead of making their OWN gay characters). ...Threaten ANYONE who doesn't agree with them or do what they say (like what they've been doing with Horikoshi). ...Call ANYONE who calls them out on their bullshit a homophobe as their only means of defense. ...Are not REAL fans of manga and animé and are just parasites to any fandoms they infiltrate (they're pretty much the reason why the MHA and RWBY fandoms are considered toxic). If you or anyone you know had to ever deal with these toxic, hypocritical pieces of shit then you are entitled to treat them like the garbage they are. Remember, kiddies, respect is earned and these people have done nothing to earn it.
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Rey "Skywalker" Palpatine
Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel
Mikasa Ackerman
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Hey I heard that you do requests (for the sake of honesty I cant pay a proper commission) so I was kind of hoping that you could hear me out on a idea for a one shot story.

What's your idea?

Allow me to paint the scene. On a relaxing Sunday and Kyoka is bored out of her skull (almost everybody else is out with friends, studying, or got called to help at there respective agencies) so she is looking for something to cure her boredom. Its hear that she finds a very excited Izuku in the commons room with a bucket of popcorn and drinks getting ready to watch something on the TV. He puts in a Blu-ray disk (or what ever the equivalent is in the world of MHA) and hits the play button, at first Kyoka thinks its some kind of All Might movie but after hearing the intro theme (and being rather impressed by it) she sees that it is something entirely different. It is an old (or old by their standards) of an armored motorcycle riding super hero fighting monstrous villains, Kyoka is amazed by the rather impressive special effects, costumes and most of all the amassing music. From there after getting Izuku's attention (and unintentionally giving the cinnamon roll a scare) and getting a spirited explanation about the franchise the show is from the two teens enjoy watching the series while developing a bond between the them. Sorry this was so long but I just really wanted to give you a good idea of what I'm saying.

If what you're describing is what I think it is (Kamen Rider?), your best bet is to ask this person (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/14619414/RyuuseiRiderJackie) if he'll take your request. I know next to nothing about that franchise, but he seems to know a LOT about it.

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Excuse me but i heard that you say do requests but depends but i would like something to ask you something

What is it that you'd like to ask?

Something cartoon character that i think can off