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Natural History Museum

By AbiGriffey
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I'm so annoyed right now :cry:. My computer went into meltdown when trying to do anything with this image. It took up to 45 minutes just to crop - yes, crop! - this to a square! Consequently, I gave up and there's loads more I would've done to this...but eck. To be honest, I'm not even sure this is worth an afternoon's waiting around!

Okay, so the image is a HDR of London's Natural History Museum interior. A bit of editing done, but not much.

Computers are rubbish!!

Edit 29.04: Managed to edit it a bit more and uploaded a new version. :dance:
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shirahime2345's avatar
such an amazing interior photo:love:
utopia-dweller's avatar
hi, you've been feautured in this news article [link]

happy new year! :)
AbiGriffey's avatar
Thanks, very kind :)
Marisilme's avatar
Best of 2008 feature: [link]
Happy New Year:heart:
AbiGriffey's avatar
:hug: Thanks so much!
i love it. i was there in march and had forgotten my camera :(
AbiGriffey's avatar
:ohnoes: I hate forgetting my camera, I do it so much too and then am gutted. Hope you still enjoyed it :)
HammyHorror's avatar
a lot of the people actually look like ghosts..
AbiGriffey's avatar
Thank you ever so much :) Yeah, they do! It wasn't intentionally done, but I think it quite suits the atmosphere of the place :hug:
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just wondering if you use photomatix 3.0 or what program for HDR images? :D
AbiGriffey's avatar
Photomatrix Pro (I'm using v2.5), but I've also got a plug in for Photoshop which I'm struggling to remember what it's called lol.
DrewHopper's avatar
I got Photomatix pro 3.0 :D
simple-squamous's avatar
I don't know why but I feel a twisting motion to this photo.. maybe because it is not framed by objects at equal distance from the camera.. the left framing element is in the back ground.. the right is in the front.. clockwise motion.. am i crazy?
AbiGriffey's avatar
I agree. If I look at it for too long I feel dizzy :lol: Pretty cool, I hadn't noticed before your comment. If you're crazy, I am too :) :thanks:
simple-squamous's avatar
love your quote..

love this picture.. I had to comment because the effect it was having on me..

I am glad I am not the only crazy one around here! :crazy:
DrewHopper's avatar
this is amazing
you've edited this really well
AbiGriffey's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like it :)
DrewHopper's avatar
Xeno834's avatar
Beautiful Shot :)

Some parts have slight "ghosting" happening but that doesn't really detract too much. If you could take a shot like this with no-one there then it would be perfection :D
AbiGriffey's avatar
Maybe I can persuade the gallery to let me in after-hours :lmao:. Thanks for comment - I rather feel the ghosting adds a little to the atmosphere, but, like you, would love to shoot with it empty :)
HushedWolfie's avatar
Well, I can't give you any critiques... but do you mind if I use your image for reference to draw? This composition is so amazing!
AbiGriffey's avatar
Of course you may! :hug: Thank you so much. Would be interested in seeing the finished piece if you upload it :)
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