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Happy 2016!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 30, 2016, 11:12 AM

Hey creeps!

The new year is off to a great start! I have just a few announcements for the coming season:

My first coloring book, "Alice's Wonderfilled Adventures" is coming out this spring, and pre-orders are available!

I also have a new children's book coming out next month, written by Henry Herz and his sons called "When You Give an Imp a Penny"

And later on, my fully illustrated rendition of H.P. Lovecraft's classic revenge tale "The Cats of Ulthar" will be released! More info and previews for that will be coming next month.

I'm really excited to share my new work, and there's plenty more in the works!

And of course, there are a few new items available in my shop! Click the image below to visit:


Keep creeping,


Thanks Everyone!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 10:06 AM

Thanks to everyone to helped promote and fund the Sarah Faire Kickstarter! We've successfully funded it, and Alex and I are super excited to bring Sarah to you! More news on it will be coming soon.

I've had a wonderful and terribly busy May, bouncing over a couple of states for shows, and I'm taking a little break for June to catch up with work, then in July I'll be at Scares that Care and in August I'll be at the NecronomiCon - Providence

In the meantime, I've added lots of lovely new items to my shop! Click the image below to check out art prints, totes, bags, mugs, leggings, shirts, and lots more!

Keep creeping,


Hey creeps!

After many requests for copies of "Sarah Faire and the House at the End of the World" when the first printing sold out, Alex decided it was time to do a second printing - but we need your help to make it happen! So we're running a Kickstarter campaign full of lovely perks including original art, prints, custom commissions, toys, and other fun things! Click the image below to check it out:

Greetings, creeps!

I can't believe January went by so fast - that means convention season is getting ready to start! So, in between my current freelance work with Sideshow Collectibles, IDW Publishing, my next children's book, and planning my wedding, I'm also gearing up for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live and the Steampunk World's Fair. I was also just asked to be a guest at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, which I'm seriously considering as well. Has anyone gone to that one? It looks like it'll be fun. So I'll get to hit the Northeast, Midwest, and West Coast all in one month! Yes, I've lost my mind.

Anyway, my latest children's book was released yesterday! Written by Henry Herz, and published by Pelican, you can now order Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes for the little creep in your life ♥︎ It's also the #1 New Release in Nursery Rhymes! Yikes!

I also teamed up with my good friends at Dellamorte & Co. (one of Guillermo Del Toro's favorite shops, by the way) who created these gorgeous sculptures based on my Poe illustrations, which you can now own! Follow the link here:

In the meantime, follow me on Facebook for up-to-date info on my whereabouts, and please consider joining my Patreon to help fund my personal projects like my re-telling of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Amarantha's Red Ribbon" And as always, feel free to visit my online store for prints, totes, shirts, phone and tablet cases, mugs, and lots of other fun things! Click the image below: 

Keep creeping,

Hey creeps!

Now that the Spring convention and gallery run has come to an end, I'm already thinking about the Summer and Fall shows! Namely, my favorite West Coast haunt, 
ScareLA! The spooks are coming back, and they've started selling tickets! Grab your weekend pass now! I hope to see many of you LA creeps there!

And as always, keep an eye out for new prints and merch in my online store!

For more updates, follow me on facebook and twitter!

Keep creeping!


Good morning, creeps!

I've had a local print shop make some prints of my more popular pieces, and I've signed them all and added them to my etsy shop! Grab these while they last!…

It's been a few years since I used etsy, so I'm re-learning it a bit. If there's a piece of mine that you really love here on DA, send me a note! I'd love to do more of these signed limited edition prints... it's much more personal than having them mass-produced online. 

Thanks for all the support, it's greatly appreciated!

Keep creeping,

Thanks SO very much for all the lovely birthday wishes! I know it's early in the day, and I'm really enjoying reading all the notes and messages, but I have to get back to work, haha!

I'll be at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live this May, in Kansas City, and then the Steampunk World's Fair mid-May! Grab tickets here:

Thanks again for all the kind messages, and for your support! I hope to announce a few more of my current projects soon!

In the meantime, check my shop for new products, and FREE SHIPPING going on for a limited time!

As always, keep creeping!

~A </span>
Hey guys! After two years, I've re-opened my Etsy shop! Right now it's framed original paintings, but I'll add prints as well!

Here it is!…
And we're working on some wonderful projects this year! She works hard to keep her father's legacy alive, and I'm thrilled to be involved!
Click the image to read Victoria's blog about her adventures, our meeting, and her upcoming events! She'll be appearing at Monster Mania this weekend, the Hollywood Horror Fest on the 27th, the World Horror Convention in Portland, and then Mad Monster in Phoenix! Catch her and say hi!

Hey creeps!

I'm now totally recovered from the NecroComicCon - it was blast! I had a wonderful time sharing my artwork with the lovely creeps of New Jersey, and several far-traveling fans - thanks so much for coming out and supporting the event! I hope very much that we can hold it again next year!

There's not much I can officially announce right now, but just a bit of an update on the coming season...

I'm going to be taking it easy through March, catching up on commissions and my current secret projects (which I hope to be able to talk about soon!) I'm also working on a piece for the show at Bat's Day in California this May, and the David Bowie Tribute Show in Madrid, Spain.

I'm also going to be at "Spectrum Fantastic Art Live" the first weekend in May, and the following weekend I'll either be at Bat's Day or the Goblin Market's "Carnival Obscura" at the Steampunk World's Fair... I still haven't decided! I might save my trip to Los Angeles for August when I return for ScareLA. Then in June I'll have a booth at "Scares that Care" in my old hometown - Williamsburg Virginia! I can't believe they'll be going there, but Elvira, Doug Jones, Sid Haig, and tons of other celebrities are going to be there, so it'll be a great time!

And in some rather depressing news, I've had to cancel my Skillshare course - as many of you know already. I tried to contact everyone directly, but to keep things simple, there was some miscommunication on both ends, and after my course's date was changed to a date I simply couldn't work with, I asked if we could cancel the class altogether and try again later in the year. I'm deeply sorry to all of you awesome artists who signed up and were looking forward to it - but I'm planning on designing my own tutorials if my online class doesn't end up working out! 

And last but not least, I have a few new items in my shop! Check it out!

As always, thanks so much for the support! 

Keep creeping!


It's a week away! I'm so excited! 

All you spooks who, like me, revel in the dark and morbid have to grab your tickets and get ready for one hell of an event! I hate leaving my dark tower as much as the next creep, but this is a convention you won't want to miss! So if you're in Northeastern USA,

I hope to see you there!

Finally! I'm all moved in! I took the weekend off to shuffle all my belongs around, and the place is starting to look like the Victorian-Gothic antique shop I'm used to. Really, I'm just excited about having an enormous black curio cabinet.For my curios. And I haven't even started hanging the 1 billion pieces of artwork I have stacked in the bedroom! I would complain, but it's really fun getting to decorate the way I want, and not having to clear it with the boy toy first. Skulls. Everywhere. I'm going to have Halloween decorations up year-round and blast as much sad classical music as I want! No one can stop me!

 photo apartment_2014_1_zps1a32b0e7.jpg

 photo apartment_2014_2_zps2d7c4021.jpg

In art news, I just got an e-mail from a company that's been on my bucket list since I was in middle school! I'm SO incredibly excited about this project! Of course, I can't say anything else about it, but trust me, if it all works out, it's going to blow your minds. Mhmm.

I've also been invited to participate in two really fun shows this Spring - Bats Day in the Fun Park and the David Bowie Tribute Show in Madrid, Spain! Dates and times for those will come soon!

I'm still hard at work preparing for Voltaire's Wicked Necrocomiccon (you're ALL coming, right? Blood donations and ritual sacrifices optional, but participation is appreciated) 

And last but never least, I'm still working on Voltaire's super secret side project, which, thanks to his supreme genius, is going to be so incredibly rad that you won't know what to do with yourselves except shake stacks of Monopoly: Disney Villain Edition money and scream, "shut up and take mah monies!" or, whatever it is people do these days to show their appreciation!

I'm still up to my neck in commissions, and you crazy creeps are so voracious that I've had to start a waiting list. So, keep them coming! E-mail inquiries to me here:

Keep creeping!

Hey creeps!

It's been hectic as usual around here, getting ready to move, and trying to keep up with projects. Yay!

First, I have to thank all of you for voting for my "Bride of Frankenstein" in the Universal Monster Re-design contest! I won, thanks to you! You all rock!

Also, many of you are probably familiar with the glorious Wicked Faire:


BUT! did you know that the insanely handsome - er - I mean talented Voltaire also has a convention going on at the same time right next door? Oh yes. And I'll be there! If you're in the area, you have to come by! Click the banner for details!


Hey creeps!

I've got SO much coming up the next few weeks! January 18th-19th I'll be celebrating Poe's 205th birthday at the Poe Museum in Richmond Virginia with new artwork, so come by and say hi if you're in the area! I'll also have a table with Autumn Haynes at the NecroComiCon February 21st-23rd in New Jersey! Very exciting! And if you'll be up there for the Wicked Faire (taking place next door) you should come by! I'm looking forward to seeing many of you there!

And if that's not enough, I just got a new apartment, and I'm moving the first week of February - because I'm insane! Moving while preparing for conventions is totally nuts. But that's my life! Nuts! So in honor of my depleting funds while I run around buying boring things like vaccuum cleaners and bath towels, and various other replacements of household objects that Mr. Cain kept when we split up, I'm opening commissions! I'll be able to take five at a time, and they're $90 USD for single characters and tattoos, and $150 USD for full illustrations (more characters and backgrounds). If you're interested, send an e-mail with a description of what you'd like to:
It's first come, first serve!

Also, voting is still going for the Universal Monsters competition! Click the image to vote!


As always, thank you so much for the bloodbaths of support, and keep creeping!


Universal Monsters Competition

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 4:10 AM


Hey guys! I need your help!

I've been selected as a finalist for the Popcorn Horror "Universal Monsters" competition, and I need your votes to win! All the finalists are amazing, but if you dig my piece, select A) Victorian Bride after following this link:

Thanks so much! And congratulations to all the finalists!

Keep creeping,


Hey creeps!

I get messages daily asking how I do what I do... and it's hard to explain in an e-mail. It normally ends up sounding like, "well, you know, you just... draw... a thing you like..." So it gets difficult to explain things like using a light table, detailing multiple sketches, how to choose an effective composition, or the mysterious things I do in Photoshop. 

Well, my darling creeps, I have good news.

I was approached a few weeks ago by the fabulously enthusiastic people at SKILLSHARE to teach a class specifically on my style, and how to develop your own. They're filming me while I go through my steps, and I get to walk each student through it. Killer.

How this works is you enroll in my class on Skillshare:
and once the class goes live at the end of December, you'll see my video tutorials, class projects, challenges, and prizes at the end of the course! 

Use PROMO CODE: "CONCEPT" for an extra 20% off tuition if you sign up by FRIDAY 11/22/2013!

Some of the many awesome things about Skillshare, if you're unfamiliar with them, is that the classes are cheap, you do them at home, in your own time, and they only end when you're ready to finish it. All schools should be this awesome. Tons of amazing teachers work with me at Skillshare... artists from Pixar, Project Runway, NYC Design Week, Johnny Cupcakes and many other fabulous designers and artists who teach everything from book cover design to greeting cards. So you can browse all the listed courses and find your favorites, just like you'd do for college, but so much cheaper that it's absurd, you do it in your own time, and there are more specific classes with teachers actually working in the field!

And don't worry if you're not ready to take the class right now. It's going to be listed online indefinitely, as long as people are interested!
I take individual time with each of the students who sign up, and give advice about your work and portfolio. 

I can't really express how excited I am to share my process with you, finally! So Happy early Yule, everyone! You get to learn my secrets! I'll keep you all posted with more details as they come up.

Until then, keep creeping!


Hey creeps!

As most of you have already heard, things were patched up very nicely with China Glaze, and the new Halloween collection is now available in stores…;
I've gotten a ton of e-mails from you guys saying you've spotted them in stores, and I'm really excited about it. Thanks again to everyone who viscously berated the company for using stolen artwork! They had no idea, of course, and the fellow who ripped me off was mysteriously never heard from again... Anyway! The black texture polish and the glow-in-the-dark are favs of mine, but if you're looking to do up your nails for Halloween, check out the new colors! 

 photo China-Glaze-Monsters-Ball.jpg

 photo chinaglaze-monsters-ball-2013.png

 photo CG-Monsters-Ball.jpg

Thanks again everyone!

Keep creeping,

Check out the trailer croonstreet made to promote "Sarah Faire"! It's amazing!

Godfather Death

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 19, 2013, 3:10 PM

Hey creeps!

I had a wonderful time at ScareLA! Thanks to all who came by! It was great to meet you and put faces to many of you DA creeps. But I was a little disappointed that none of you brought me tacos. I was serious about taking tacos as currency. Oh well.

In other news, everyone knows the Grimm fairytale "Godfather Death" right? Well my incredibly talented friend Autumn Haynes has illustrated the tale in comic format, and she's finally posting it online! It's rad, and you all need to check it out:

Keep creeping!


Ready for Halloween?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 7, 2013, 3:47 PM

Hello my creeps!

Just another reminder to all my West Coast creepers that I'll be at booth #807 at ScareLA this weekend! I've got lots of great things available - prints, new illustrations, original drawings, copies of "Sarah Faire and the House at the End of the World" posters, and you get to look at my lovely face! Haha... yeah. Anyway, if you're going, stop by my table and keep me company. If you want to buy stuff, I take money, sure, but also tacos and good ghost stories.

Keep creeping!