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Zombie Walk 2013

It's that time of year! The Zombies are coming to RVA once again!

I was out with some friends at a local pub, and the bar was filled with people dressed in Rococo garb, but covered in blood. We were a little confused until they explained they were having a Marie Antoinette-and-zombie themed party. They even had little brain cupcakes. It was pretty awesome. That's a typical night in Richmond for you!

For more info on this year's Zombie Walk, visit: RichmondZombieWalk

Damask texture from sofi01


This was drawn in pencil, scanned, then colored in Photoshop.

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Ingenious! Nice work!

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Would you be interested  in easy collaborative effort or unique commission ( small commission   )  ? 
I think your style would be good for it. . get back to me if interested  , or where i can reach you at , thanks . 
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This is really good; the shading detail is great. 
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have a nice day!
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this was american correct?
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that's a shame, it got my hopes up for a moment 
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I saw this in Carytown! It was so cool to see some of your work in person like that :) I'm a freshman at VCUarts right now...I found out about the school from your work.
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hey abbey!
can't wait to get your work/this year's zombie tee! i've been following the cause and donanating for 3 years now, found out about it about it from your site.

not sure if you remember me, but i'm the 28, 29 this halloween, girl who is in love with your work and it gives me a great escape from my disease (they don't know, right now they're leaning towards lupus, but it's "severe fibromyalgia.")

anyway, i love your style, it's great for me because i get to escape. is your book out? i haven't been keeping up with deviantART this past year (normal handle is cass1848, 1848 is the year when over 50 revolutions occured, chaos and i'm terrible with dates... that one was a life saver for me in AP euro... :)

anyway, is your book out yet? like i said, this year has been one of the worst in a while. hard to complain bc i have extremely understanding parents with whom i live with. i'm a writer, hoping to be a writer full time and in the mean time, i'm working on figuring out how to make it through to be a psychologisit and do some good in this world that while i have chronic pain, i'm very lucky in all other ways.

anyway, i do have a point: thank you for letting us all worship at the feet of your talent and let this halloween baby let her ghoulish side come out :) thank you for that escape. i have your pumpkin shirt, snow white, and 3 years of the zombie walk tees. one day i hope to make it to one of your open galleries (i have an incredible aunt, grandmother, and cousin in charlottesville.) so far my trips haven't coincided. any chance you can let me know how to get your book or if it's out yet? i'm still writing and completing projects. children stories, short stories, a few
musicals in college and high school (for friends), currently working on a murder mystery, a collection of short stories, and ideas incubating in my noggin' about a graphic novel and a teen fiction (this site, and your work in particular is quite an a wonderful muse, so thank you for putting it out there for people like me who need either an escape or inspiration: thank you, truly.)

so, if you could let me know how to get your book, or if it's out and the best site to get your tees (soft is crucial for my skin.)

wow. that was a bit of a ramble, huh?


just, thank you, for inspiring me to make it despite my health, as an artist/writer. you really are a true inspiration.

all the best,
hillary bennett from
rydal (the burbs of philly), pa
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Your style works very well for those towering 18th century hairdos.
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Is there somewhere we can by this and all the previous years posters?
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I believe the Zombie Walk guys have a Zazzle account for t-shirts, but if you want prints, you can request them via e-mail:
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This is by far the most awesome zombie walk advertisement I've ever seen.  Love love love it!  Great work!
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Aw, man. Wish I lived in richmond XD I love her hair! 
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I'll possibly be moving to Richmond in a few years from now. This makes me look forward to it. Also, love the art.
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Also, love the linework in her hair!
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LET THEM EAT BRAINS.   I'm really glad you decided to use that quote instead of the, uh, other one the inebriated bride enthusiastically told us. 
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LMAO! I knowwww haha I couldn't get that out of my head!
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The American Cancer Society and Zombies ! Awesome!
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This peace is amazing! Very well done and thought out! 
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Let them eat brains? Lol, that's awesome ha ha. Marie Antoinette was never so cool...
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