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Those Weird Sisters
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Published: October 5, 2018
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Week one of the 2018 Month of Fear Challenge: “Lies”

I’m illustrating scenes from Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, “Dracula” for this series, and with this week’s prompt, “lies”, I chose to depict the “weird sisters” (as Jonathan Harker calls them) since they appear with a mask of beauty and a false charm to lure in their victim, only revealing themselves for the bloodthirsty creatures they truly are mere moments before they strike - but by then, it’s too late…

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(Reference: Lady Of The Castle I)

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Comments (42)
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Such character and mischief in these three
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ChaosEmpress|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love your art! I keep looking every so often in your gallery and I seem to find images I didn't see before.
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Jeeviaz's avatar
They are look so beautiful and mysterious
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PrincepsTenebris's avatar
Oh, sweet. Bram Stoker quoted Macbeth in that description.
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KreepingSpawn's avatar
KreepingSpawn|Professional Digital Artist
Have you ever drawn Circei Lannister? Because that's who these ladies remind me of. Especially the blond. ;]
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marianarener|Hobbyist General Artist
Blue Love 
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DarqueThoughts's avatar
Were they sisters or just... brides? =D
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AbigailLarson|Professional Digital Artist
Bram Stoker never elaborates on their origins! In the book, they're called "the sisters" (the later movies call them brides) and one of them is hinted to have similar facial features to Dracula, implying that at least one of them is related to him in some way. 
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DarqueThoughts's avatar
Oh, wow, you’ve done your research! I’ve read the novel twice, but it’s been a long time since I last did so. I do remember that it is a very intense scene when Jonathan Harker can feel them approaching. (And then, of course, Dracula bursts in and says “This man is mine!”)
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Libra1010's avatar
 Well on the one hand they're three beautiful, immortal and infinitely thirsty women ... on the other hand they're quite literally Out for Blood; all told, I think poor Mister Harker had the right idea when he made his escape from Castle Dracula and didn't stop running until he reached Budapest!:o (Eek) 

 On a less earnest note, please allow me to compliment you on balancing the need to keep these "Weird Sisters" a unit with the desire to give each some share of individuality; I especially admire your retention of their canonical hair colours, while including a subtle distinction to help audiences distinguish between the two dark-haired "Sisters".

 Whenever I imagine the "Weird Sisters", I tend to think of them wearing clothing they've acquired through brutally straightforward means - in the same way that Count Dracula appropriates Mr Harker's wardrobe, although usually without any victims surviving - with the apparent hierarchy between the "Brides" (the Blonde would appear to be "Big Sister") being represented by the quality of their costumes (the "Big Bad Blonde" wearing the newest & the most fashionable pieces, the middle sister wearing the less fashionable new pieces or the more intact pieces of older clothing, the third wearing whatever happens to be left - possibly because she's a little more feral than the others).

 I have to admit this idea might involve a little TOO much fussy detail, which may distract readers from the flow of the story.
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I love that scene. :iconsobeautifulplz: Gorgeous work!!
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mochajung|Professional Filmographer
This is so beautiful <3
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Fantastic art :love:
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Fervent fan of those three... Nicely done. 
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NachoMon's avatar
So elegant and creepy at same time 
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bobshmit13's avatar
I thought the weird sisters were bearded, or is this sexy weird sisters?

Edit: I thought you meant the witches from Macbeth! Sorry, I've often heard them referred to as the "weird sisters".
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TheMiaTopia|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow so elegant! I really love how you created an amazing backgroun that does not take away from the main focus. This is goals!
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great !!
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Retro7Edited | General Artist
-Squee- I love the brides, despite their short role in the novel, I just do. There's something about how mysterious they are that gravitates me toward them. Being the first indications of straight vampirism in the story doesn't hurt either. 

Love how you did this, with the dresses looking like literal bridal gowns (extra point for the long sleeves) and their expressions match their seductive yet predatory nature perfectly. Overall wonderful work. It's going straight to my faves.
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bobshmit13's avatar
Actually, the title says weird sisters which usually refers to the 3 witches in Macbeth, at least I'm pretty sure they're from Shakespeare.

Edit: nevermind, read the description! Oops!
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Chaosfive-55|Hobbyist General Artist
Damn!  You really captured them, in all their fearful glory.
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atomisis's avatar
I saw the thumbnail of this on the main DA page and the thought in my head was 'the weird sisters'.  Lo and behold, I was right this time.  It's so rare to hear them called that rather than the Fates.  For some reason that term has stuck with me since I think high school.  I like the picture and the feelings it evokes.
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LimeGreenBunny's avatar
LimeGreenBunny|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love seeing your Dracula art. I'm a huge fan of the book so I'd way rather see this kind of art over all the Winona Ryder etc. type stuff.
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