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The Bloofer Lady

Week two of the 2018 Month of Fear challenge: “Beauty”

Continuing my “Dracula” series, with the theme this week being “beauty” I thought of the children near Whitby telling local police they had been lured away by “a bloofer lady” (”bloofer” being a child’s pronunciation of “beautiful”) only to be discovered in the morning bearing two small, bleeding wounds on their necks… Bat 

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Whitby Abbey. Lovely place. One of my paintings is of there. Love the piece, great work as always 🖤

Beautiful drawing...but have you actually read Dracula? The "bloofer lady" prowled around  London (Hampstead heath, specifically), not Whitby.
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You and Ben Caldwell are the only people I trust to adapt this book.
lovely work I really need to read Dracula
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This was one of the more terrifying moments in the book. Somehow, the formal and clinical style of writing in the "newspaper clippings" about the children and the "bloofer lady" was made more effective with dramatic irony. The reader knows exactly what's going on, but the characters have no idea.
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The ruins in the background are amazing, especially with the moon and the way her dress seems to glow.
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Oh my god,she's so pretty! The dress is fantastic and the ghostly aura is lovely! Keep up the good work!
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We all know where this
is going....
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Oooh! I love this! You can feel the chill in the air. And the moon's glow helps add the eeriness.
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Well...a girl has got to eat....
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It really says good things about your art that I saw this on my tablet this morning, and before I'd even scrolled down to the title, I thought: "That's Lucy." You are very talented.

No one else has mentioned the moths! I love the moths! Gives the picture a sense of motion; it's like I can feel the ocean wind at night. And, well, you couldn't exactly use butterflies, could you? There's some good symbolism there. Very lovely work!
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Impressive and gothic ^^
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Poor Lucy Westenra....
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"Come little children, I'll take thee away into a land of enchantment, come little children, the time's come to play, here in my garden of shadows..."
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