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Snow White in the Woods

I love the descriptions of Snow White wandering around in the forest before she meets the dwarves... this piece has been in my head for ages and poured out of the paintbrush.


Watercolor and Ink
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Absolutely beautiful! I love the little detail where the train of the dress gets snagged on the branch! Such painstaking detail is perfect!

I love Snow White's red dress. This is the first pieces of art you did that my sister ever saw. She's loved your work ever siecn. 
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This is just gorgeous !
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Nice the details really help this piece speak for itself
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I like your work, are you a professional illustrator by any chance. On1.Nod 
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Amazing! I love it (wish I had that outfit too) :) 
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Beautiful and spooky:) (Smile) 
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this is gorgeous. the contract of the black ink and the watercolour make it look like the trees are glowing 
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This is beautiful work!  Reminds me a lot of Arthur Rackham. Simply lovely!
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I love this painting! I am actually doing a dread hair inspired by it, I could link it to you when it is finished if you want to!
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This is gorgeous I love her dress and the glowing eyes in the woods! 
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wow, gorgeous lines, and really bold way of dividing up the frame with colour, and pos/neg space.
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Featured in portuguese blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have an awesome weekend. If you could please share this feature, I'd really appreciate it, as lots of hard work goes into finding and selecting all the awesome art and running the blog. Thanks!…
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I like it how you make it in a Gothic style
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Hauntingly beautiful! ;3
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Into the woods you go again. You have to every now and then.
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woah and the red stands out beautifully   
The colors are amazing! So bright and vivid. Also I love Snow's dress.
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I just love the way this looks. I love this style, and no photograph could ever convey the thoughts and feelings captured here. I wish I had your talent for manifesting imagination in this way :)
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I absolutely love the layers of color and the creepy tree.
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