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A Hogwarts-aged Severus XD

Thanks very much to BinaryStock for the pose: [link]
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HP pst3300
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May 17, 2009, 7:52:18 AM
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Aww... so sad *sniff*
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I love this boots!
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oh, his expression... poor sev :( you draw snape to perfection, i cant get over it...
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This looks very lovely and simply and intricate at the same time. The style, expression, the scratchiness of the lines, distinctive body language, warm monochromatic (and fitting) color scheme: Everything is so seemlessly blended and perfect together that you make it look deceivingly easy. This along with many of your other HP fanarts are absolutely magnificent :D
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God this is breathtakingly gorgeous! Your art is phenomenal, but this is divine. It reminds me a little of Loki...
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is this really traditional art ? So amazing <3 :iconohmyglobplz:
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iv always loved Severus...and this is so telling ....
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He looks so sad I might actually want to hug him. And he really never was my favorite until I learned of his Lily love and inner goodness.
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The khaki colours make it look like he's wearing a military uniform... Which is a smart little piece of foreshadowing right there. Love you stuff.
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There's so much emotion and sadness in his face... Great work! :happybounce:
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Your art is incredible. Really unique and well executed. Also hawt boots are hawt. :P
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Haha! Yes indeed ^_~ Thanks!
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After seeing the rest of harry potter..i feel in love with snape
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This make me sad :(
Poor Snape! He had an awful childhood :(
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Awsome work..thats just how I imagine him :D! I love the composition alot..and your Strichführung (im sorry I dont know how to say this in english)..
Many Greetings Kali
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You have captured his young awkwardness well.
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i really do love this :o
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