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Persephone's Return

Can't get enough of these two black heart [version 2] This was done just for fun, based on a quick warm-up sketch I made a few days ago

Prints are available!

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He thought he couldn't love...then he met her.

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Oh my gooood, so beautiful and tender :love:

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I like that story, and they look great in your style.

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I rather like the idea that Hades let's himself go while Persephone is away. He let's his hair grow long and doesn't shave.
When she comes back each fall, she gives him a haircut and a shave. It could be this regular bonding ritual that they've picked up.
I picture him sitting in a pool and she's seated on the bank behind him, shears and razor in hand, sprucing up her guy.
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Fall is around the corner. 
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This makes me happy
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I feel odd that I don’t “ship” anime or movie characters but I ship the Hell out of a thousands of year old myth.
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But it's not really a "ship."  The story is all about how they ARE a couple.
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My favorite words from an artist "Prints are available!"
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"Believe it or not, I missed you quite a bit."

"I believe you."
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did you change your nickname?
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I bet Cerberus has already shown a warm welcome for his female master's return... I love that underworld family, they're so cute.

But if Persephone is with Hades, that does mean that on earth ... WINTER IS COMING !!!
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You're amazing as always Abigail <3
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This is really sweet :heart: 
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This is adorable.
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I love theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem :heart:
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I really like this idea of them being this loving couple instead of him holding her captive for three months of the year.
I do too! Also, you have to remember that the reason he took Persephone in the first place was because he was both extremely lonely ruling the Underworld by himself and when he first gazed upon her, he thought she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in the universe.
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