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Morticia and Death

Morticia and Death enjoying some tea Coffee Skull (2017.09) This was such a fun commission, I love drawing spooky gals having a good time!


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XP-830 Series
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I could imagine that perfectly...

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Granny comes in and scolds Death for being so immodest these days:
“When I was a girl, you wore the MOST elegant funerary Gown and Petticoat! You were SO dismally beautiful. Now you look like some punk girl from a back alley morgue slab. MUST you always follow the latest fashions? You’re supposed to be timeless!”
Death stands up, suddenly naked and wild looking, hair a long greasy mess, bones through her ear lobes.
She says to Granny, “By THAT logic, I ought to always go about like this, which was how I originally ‘dressed’ when I began to service humanity.”
At this, So flustered as to almost actually show a hint of color on her pale cheeks, speechless, Granny walked out in an indignant huff.
Death sat down to her tea, once again in her modern clothing, Morticia banging on the table, laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I believe this may be the best comment that I've seen on this site. And left on one of the best pictures. Good show.

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Love the short story. :)

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amazing artwork and great style. huge props!

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These two would be awesome in a movie together. Morticia is one of my favorite goth female characters

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Wonderful image! Morticia looks fabulous. 😄

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Absolutely lovely!

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I never thought of this before (which is bizarre considering how long I've been a fan of the Endless) but do you think Death has to wear gloves like Rogue so she doesn't accidentally wreck someone's...well, eternity?

I guess that's a pretty big "whoops" from one friendly handshake.

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I absolutely adore this.

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Aw heck, this picture makes me so giddy! I wonder what they're talking about? I bet they have a lot to discuss. But this is where my head goes:

Death: "Two sugars, please."

Morticia pops a single sugarlump into Death's tea.

Death: "Do I... get another?"

Morticia: "You get what everyone gets."

"Ha! Oh that's good. Set myself right up for it too. Fine then, little witch. All things come to me eventually. Including my second sugar cube."

"Well, that's one way to double down, I suppose."

"Of course if you wanted to speed the inevitable up a bit . . ."


"Thanks Tish!"

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This is so cool. Beautiful work!

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This looks like an amazing afternoon to which I am not remotely cool enough to be invited. They would probably be gracious enough to invite me, but I would probably be far too overwhelmed to accept.

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I love DC's Death, she tries to comfort those who died and help them move on. Cause of her I am not afraid when my time comes.

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You know that those two have the best gossip to share

excellently done!

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It's truly Splendid!!

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