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The deliciously dark Morella, based on the short story of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe. Go read it!

I shouldn't be posting images from the show early, but I just can't wait! Let me know what you think
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I love your artistic style! It looks completely vintage, but not flowery and dissonant, but not chaotic. It's uniquely you... which is difficult to find these days! Art that's unique to a specific person.

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Thank you so much! It's taken me over a decade to figure out my style - lots of practice and studying :) I'm so glad you enjoy it!
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I love this. I love the tone in particular. Detail could be observed to add a little easter egg there somewhere, but aside from that, you show discipline in the craft while also putting the spotlight on your style.
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Let them call her mad. She's quite content the way she is.
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Awesome colors :) I was reading the story just last night, it was wonderful and your work completes it perfectly!
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ps: I've created a facebook page to share my artwork, here is the link:…, I would really appreciate if you like it and share ^^ Thank you ~@
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Thank you so much for sharing this! I just read the story and absolutely loved it. Great interpretation of the otherworldly Morella. 
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Great Morella! It's quite close to my own interpretation!
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Wonderful! I love that story!
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I like the way you use watercolors. Your style is amazing! I can't belive I've found someone who loves E.A.P as well as me! :D
Dup3n's avatar
Girl, I love you so much D:
And I love so much your pictures.
SakuyaHashimoto's avatar
nice. have to read it :)
Loving-Chakra's avatar
Everything about this brings forth the kind of visual images I imagined when reading "Morella." Excellent job! :) I really love the way you drew the background.
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It's wonderfull...
SiriusCrane's avatar
Can you make a piece about the Pit and the Pendulum? That is one of the greatest tales of Poe and it has such a strong imagery.
Kingoftheplatypus's avatar
I love both the way you draw and color the characters from Edgar Poe's short story
PoisonThorn123's avatar
This is a very deep darkening picture. The character looks wonderful and seems like she is in thought, yet is a in depth lady. Your style is very eye catching to me . And it is very interesting . Wonderful piece (:
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This is beautiful :')
Deathlydollies13's avatar
I have read it, it was cool. And this is just how I saw Morella.
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This image reminds me of the tragic faith of a young lady in the novell Jonathan Stange and Mr. Norrel. She has been cursed to walk the cold halls of a decading castle in a waste and strange country alongside her presence in the real world, and every time she tries to tell anyone about the curse she ends up telling the most absurd stories, so the surrounding world deems her mad. The room she's mostly sitting in in her house, reminds me of the one you depicted here.
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