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Pregnant and desperate, Merope considers pawning her only valuable possession - the priceless family heirloom, Slytherin's locket.

Part of why I like the later Potter books is to get a grasp of Voldemort's past. I was enraptured by the plight of Merope, and though she isn't the quintessential strong, empowering female character, her situation is something I think many people can relate to, and I think every woman can understand her hopelessness and despair that came of a love that was never meant to be.

Watercolor, graphite, digital media.
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Absolutely fabulous.
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Merope was such a sad character, the world was set up ageist her since she was born. 
Beautiful interoperation of her, I find she's a heard character for many artist to tackle because artist ether draw as looking pretty, or ugly. 
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I want to draw like that T·T
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this is absolutely amazing . Mérope is so tragic , she is one of my fav characters ! Great art !
hmm ive definitely looked through your art before, i recognise this. ah well. this is amazing but way too pretty for merope, it looks nothing like her. she is supposed to be the physical product of inbreeding.
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oh wow, this is absolutely beauitful! Merope doesn't get enough love in the HP fandom in my opinion. She is the villain's mother, after all!
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This is awesome. :D I loved the whole story of Merope in the books. :D

And I love the style. I definitely need to check out the rest of your gallery.
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absolutely stunning!
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Just awesome!
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Did you know the reason Voldemort can't love is because he was conceived under a love potion?
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She looks pretty...but she isn't supposed to be! Aargh, my gaze cannot be taken away from this picture....
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Am I the only one to whom she remind Mayella Ewell from to Kill a Mockingbird?
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at last. somebody else who thinks this way))
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Love the lineart and the colors, beautiful :)
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This is lovely and interesting since I don't often see Merope in the fanart or in fanfiction. Well done.
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I agree with your artist's comments.
Lovely picture. ; w;
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Gorgeous. Merope is someone who's quite important but never really given enough attention.
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She wasn't really a villain tho....
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No she's certainly not a villain, but I was referring to Voldemort in the description ^_^
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ooooooooh! I see!
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