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A private commission that has taken WAY too long to complete. But, I really enjoyed working on this, and I love how it turned out. I borrowed the stain texture from: [link]

I promise I'm alive and working! I have some incredible stuff coming up soon :)

Graphite, digital media

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I love your style. I love all of your works. I'm so glad i found your account.
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awesome usage of my texture. thank you (=
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Thank you for making it! I oftentimes don't have time to make them myself!
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feel free to grab what you want at my account (=
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I love your style, your line is co clear and perfectly defined. It's like Alfphonse Mucha met Tim Burton (and I love both) and this is what they would have create together.
And it makes me really jealous but in a good way. It's amazing. I could put it on my wall...
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I'm a bit sad this was a private commission ... even coming back to look at it later, I would have loved to have a print of this.
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this reminds me of Alice's sister...
Takanon's avatar
I love your work :)
AlinaCristina's avatar
oh your work is so clean :heart:
superb :)
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love the colors and the details--especially the spider.
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I know you probably get this like, every day, but you are so amazing. A complete inspiration! You are a wonderful artist :D
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I could look at your artwork forever and a day.
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Great composition
Love the style
Aylen-O-Y's avatar
delicate cute!
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I absolutely love your style. The sharp edge ink line is something I've been trying to do forever and I just can't get it right.
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Thanks! It's taken a lot of control and practice... now it's all I really know how to do!
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Have you illustrated any books or graphic novels yet? You could totally rock it.
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I'm actually working on a few illustrated short stories I want to release soon, but it's such a long process!
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lol is it the length that's holding you back, or focusing for so long on one project?
I seriously can't focus on one thing for more than a few days before I lose interest. Big hindrance in the money making process of things haha
AbigailLarson's avatar
Actually, it's having two jobs that's holding everything up, lol! I can only really work on my own projects after everything else is done, and that doesn't leave me with much time or energy.
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Ugh, I know the feeling. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I go to school as well as freelance work lol. Learning to live on 3-4 hours of sleep a night is really the only way I get anything done!
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