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Mary and Her Creation

Mary Shelley and her creation, Frankenstein's monster.
Of course, here she is depicted as Miss Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin because she was eighteen and unmarried while birthing the idea of "Frankenstein."

Drawn traditionally and colored digitally.
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Awesome work :thumbsup:
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Very nice drawing! I've drawn her with Frankenstein before too :P
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This series of "horror writers withtheir monsters" is marvelous! And it fits perfectly with your style!
ravenviolet777's avatar
This is awesome!! I like how you captured the image of the young Mary. I'd say you did this justice, but that would be an understatement! Also, you managed to make her creation look splendidly terrifying!! Kudos to you! I really like your art and the style in which you draw.
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Cool piece. I like the way monster is sitting. Like a child next to a mother. Nice !
This is such a moving and classic, Marry was the true creator of Frankenstein and his Creation.
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One of my favorite books! Oddly, as an English lit major, I enjoyed Mary's work much more than her (in my opinion) less talented husband Percy Shelley. :blackrose:
AbigailLarson's avatar
Zing!! Haha I'm with you, there <3
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I had to do a research paper on her Husband for Acting Class...I freaked when I learned about Frankenstein!
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This really needs to be reported as spam, fraud, etc...
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If my creations came after me....Dear God.
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Did you know that Mary Shelley came up with Frankenstein due to a contest she was having with some of her friends over who could write the scariest story?
AbigailLarson's avatar
Yes I did! I think she won :) She was stuck in a cabin because of the freak winter they were having, which I'm sure helped for the mood!
elizatheriot's avatar
She's such a compelling writer, with one of the most compelling stories ever told...this picture is perfect.
AbigailLarson's avatar
Thank you! I love that book too, I hope I did it justice :)
by-golly's avatar
I've never thought of the creature this way before! By far, I prefer this look over any of the versions done in movies.
NewlyDelirious's avatar
Love... Just... Total love
This is definitely how it should have gone
MedicaDellaPeste's avatar
I love how you drew this piece, with Frankenstein's Creation looking sad instead of scary (which is perfect because we all know it was the Doctor who was the real monster). You have such a unique style - all your work is absolutely amazing!
MorningMelon's avatar
Loved this idea of yours.
Bohomouse's avatar
I liked that story, but I like this art piece more :D
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