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"Beetlejuice" turns 30 years old today! I made this piece for the upcoming "30 Years Later" show at Gallery 1988, so if you're near Los Angeles between April 6th-21st, be sure to check out the exhibit!

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Absolutely beautiful! Is there a print of this piece? I couldn't find on your store?
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Thanks so much! I made this as a limited edition print last year for a gallery, and I'm afraid they've all sold out! I'm unable to upload this to my online store because I don't own the rights to the character, so I can't offer merchandise with this image :( 
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Lydia!  You look good in RED
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This is wonderful. Lydia has the best hair!
You should do a hell boy one. 
the red really makes this stand out!!
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Thank you! This piece was so fun, I don't usually work with such bold colors Heart 
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My favourite girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved Beetlejuice since I was a kid! :la:
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I love the contrast between the red and the blue
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  : oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Heart Heart 
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I love your version of this character! Love that movie!
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You really gave her an elegant look. 
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Lydia really matches your style. Is very different from the original, is your own but still is her.
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Just wonderful ! Lovely bloody color Red Rose 
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She is beautiful, well done.Clap La la la la 
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this is just perfect omggggg
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(Commence Enthusiastic Ramble)
Aahhhh 'Beetlejuice' was my childhooood! A strange, strange childhood...but meh. I remember being like...four and chanting "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice beetlej-"  and stopping before I finished the third repeat...every few days because I wanted to watch again (Should I be worried that I wanted to watch it that often...or that my parents let me?...especially at that age?)

Still, Lydia was my idol!!! The instant I saw this in my notifications I was like 'OMG another Beetlejuice character!!!!' It looks sooo much like her! Great work!!!
(Ramble Complete)
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