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Lucy's Funeral

"All Lucy's loveliness had come back to her in death, and the hours that had passed, instead of leaving traces of 'decay's effacing fingers', had but restored the beauty of life, till positively I could not believe my eyes that I was looking at a corpse." (Bram Stoker's "Dracula", Chapter XIII, Dr. Seward's Diary)

A super quick piece for today's Drawlloween! The prompt is "coffin", and since I'm working on a series of Dracula illustrations, I thought I'd draw Lucy just before her funeral, when Van Helsing and Dr. Seward have their first look at her corpse. Van Helsing places wild garlic flowers around her in a vain attempt to rid her of the vampire curse...

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"She's alive!"
"No, she is Nosferatu."
'"She's italian!"…
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:rofl: One of my favorite vampire films!!
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One of my favorite bits in the movie, as a Lit dork, is Renfield being thrown down the stairs.…
'Eh! Ee! I! Oh! Oooh!...why!' 
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Yes, the Vowels of Pain...genius!

My favorite line in the movie was uttered by Harvey Korman: "YES! We have Nosferatu--we have Nosferatu today!"
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Its late Mel Brooks, but, by God, it's STILL Mel Brooks. (Wonder what he's doing nowadays.)

I never gave that line much thought till, now; but, yeah: funny stuff. 
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The movie did not do well at the box office, but I loved it--I think it helps to be thoroughly familiar with classic vampire films.
It's a spoof for aficionados of the genre.
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So beautifully done! :heart:
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Great rendering of this tragic part of the story.

The death of Lucy was not the end of their misfortunes
but just the beginning of the curse, the worse was yet to come ! Evil Eyes 
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Heh a little out of order but not complaining. I've been enjoying this ^_^>
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Poor Lucy. Such a short life as a vampire...

This is a terrific piece.
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yes, I thought the point of being turned into a vampire was blood drinking, and living forever...

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I just watched Horror of Dracula last week - love the old Hammer films - and this reminds of the scene after Lucy is staked and the evil is banished from her, allowing her to truly rest in piece.
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This is one of the parts of the story I find most frightening! The quote in the description always sounds menacing to me. Love this book so much :D
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Even in death,people can look lovely! Such a gorgeous piece!
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OMG that was an epic part towards the end of the 1992 movie!
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I didn't realize garlic flowers looked so lovely, but not as lovely as she. Well done.
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...really awesome piece....truly brought out her entrancing beauty....especially considering what happens with her afterward....>=3
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