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Lore Olympus

I've recently gotten into Lore Olympus and I LOVE IT so I took a quick break from my contract work to do some fanart! Blue Butterfly 


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XP-830 Series
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Yes it's an amazing series! I'm so glad to see Fanart of it around!

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Stunning! I just recently binged all of LO :love:

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I am fangirling for both the artists right now <3 I love this!

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It looks so good! :dummy:

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This is breathtakingly beautiful Love Love Love 
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Beautifully gorgeous and so lovely!!! :heart: 
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beautiful picture of a beautiful couple owo
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YESSSS i love how Lore Olympus is getting more and more popular . BRING ON MORE FANART
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I just started reading this comic too, love your take on them! Heart 
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I LOVE Lore Olympus and this is a wonderful piece :D You're one of my favourite DA Artists by the way :)

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Love your art as always. <3 :)

I tried to get into that comic but the writing was bad imo. The art was pretty though.

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I LOVE Lore Olympus AND your art. So when I saw this, I /SCREAMED/ from being so happy.
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Love this! And love that series! :D

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It's such a good comic, and this is beautiful. 
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This is stunning! It captures the characters so well and the colors and details are beautiful.
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My first reaction was a very happy fangirl screech. The same one I did when I saw her looking like that. I always love you art, and it feel just right for this beautiful couple!

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Good morning, Amazing!!!!!!!.
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I just binged every chapter once I saw this artwork, what an excellent comic thank you for drawing this beautiful piece! 
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Hello friend, you are reply!!!!!. 
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Omg I LOVE this comic too! :D 
Been following it for about a month now :D 
You did Hades and Persephone soooooo well, love it! 
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