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Ligeia (2018)

Wishing Edgar Allan Poe and very happy birthday today! I'm slowly going through my older "Poe" illustrations from 2008-2010 and updating them, starting with one of my favorites, based on Poe's "Ligeia"
Here's the old version:
Ligeia by AbigailLarson

Prints are available here!

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Spooky Poem, I love it :D
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I daresay sometimes older works are better left undisturbed since Ligeia picked up that whoracle wannabe expression, apparently from the spirit of the sorceress from Witcher series, the one who had commited suicide, while Rowena had done botox in order to keep up with her.
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I love both your older work and your newer work so much. They're so different, but just as delightfully fun-creepy.
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Very Beautiful. Thank you for this one. 
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I love the way you draw this kind of dress/silhouette :la:
malkinmalkout's avatar
I love the watercolour effects. You've improved so much
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The older version is still cool, too!
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beautiful !!! 
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A very nice rendition of the theme of the tale, Abigail.  The narrator, obsessed with his dead first wife, a dark-haired beauty named Ligeia, marries a second wife, a blond named Rowena, with the sole intention of using her body as a vessel for the spirit of Ligeia.
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Ahh, one of my favourite paintings redone!  What a treat! :D
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Beautiful!  Certainly one of my favorite Poe stories!
Amarie-Tinuviel's avatar
Breathtaking work :love:
There is no reflection of a person in the mirror at all on the new version.
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that's creepy, but really cool
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Wow. Beautiful. I mean, even back then your art was amazing, but I love how your style has changed over time.
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