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La Befana

I spent November in my husband's hometown in the region of Liguria in Italy, and after hearing the local Yule stories of Befana, a witch-like spirit who delivers gifts to good children and lumps of coal to naughty ones, I felt inspired to create this illustration for the "Yuletide Monsters" group show back home in Richmond, Virginia! The original will be on display at the gallery throughout the month, and prints of this piece can be purchased here!

Ink, watercolor, and digital media
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La Befana'a so cool! I wish she was more well known.  :(
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I just want to leave comments on everything you draw telling you how much I love it.
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Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!
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Yoo! I've never seen Befana as something this badass until now. Great job! As an italian person I can tell yuo you did an amazing job with her design!
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Your art style is something to be admired greatly! I love this
Nice. I'd say she's more sinister looking than needed, but then again, that is the point of your gallery.
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Oh La Befana!!!!!! (^w^)b

Really cool this version of Befana!!!
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this is a good illustration!
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wow, she is so amazing! I love your Folklore and fairytale illustrations!
Would love to see the russian witch Baba Yaga in your Style
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It's exactly how I've always immagined her! Buona festa della Befana ;)
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I'm BIG fan of your artwork darling! My great inspiration *smile hug*
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La Befana vien di Notte...
geanera's avatar
...con le scarpe tutte rotte...
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So you were here in Italy last month! And you have tasted some good old Italian folklore :D

"Befana" is also used as an insult to very ugly women XD Awesome art, as always!
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"La befana vien di notte con le scarpe tutte rotte, il vestito alla Romana, viva viva la Befana".. when I was a child my granmother used to sing me this nursery rhyme :)

Really nice rendition of her!
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She is not a "witch", she is an ancient greek/roman goddess: Strenia, the goddess of the yearly cycle.
Young in Genuary ad old in december,
when she rejuvenates on new year's Eve

I know, I'm from Liguria too ;)
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I've never heard of this one. 
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Where is this exhibit?
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hey! that's in my culture too!
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