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Krampus and Perchta II

Krampusnacht approaches! I know it's super early, but I just couldn't wait to draw my Yuletide OTP, Krampus and Perchta! 🌬👹

Prints are available!

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Check out my other K&P piece here:
  Krampus and Perchta by AbigailLarson
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XP-820/860 Series
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I know these two!! Yeah!! :iconlachoirplz: So wonderful!!
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trop mignon ! <3 
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This is excellent! I aspire to produce digital art as good as this one day...
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Oh, my god, Krampus! :ohnoes:
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I really like the style in this piece! So beautiful!
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fatastic krampus character
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Lovely! Great work on the expressions, so intense and intimate.
Pretty lady for someone who will gut you and eat your innards for eating the wrong thing on her day.  She is from where the idea of Krampus eating people came.  Krampus...sure has come a long way from a straw goat that people used to sneak into each other's houses.
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Alright I SHIP IT!!Heart Love 
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beautiful art,
but the work be chaotic
it is not clear what kind of hole in the background. Is it a horn or a geyser or a pipe or something?
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HAhahhahaB ! In my hometown the Krampus never look this nice !
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Thanks! I learned something new when I looked up Perchta. Your usual great art, too.
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"What's a vengeful spirit like you doing out on a beautiful night like this?"
Or maybe...
"Hey, baby, wanna go kidnap some naughty children and stuff their belies full of straw?"
Its the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeeeaaarrr...
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I'm sorry... I just gotta say that this comment is a thing of BEAUTY. I literally just had pop go up my nose. Thank you.
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Nothing to be sorry for. Glad to be of service, m'lady
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Wow.  Great cersion of Krampus.  Who is Perchta?  
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All the info you could want on Perchta... she was... really brutal if you misbehaved...
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