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Harvest Moon

I just made some artwork for the perfume company "Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab" for their Harvest Moon collection. These scents are gorgeous, and come in fancy little amber bottles. And they're only available this month!

Check them out here: [link]

And we did a simplified version of the artwork for t-shirts too! [link]


This piece was drawn in pencil, and colored digitally.

For more updates on what I'm doing currently, Visit my facebook page! [link] or my Twitter! [link]
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I love her hair and her dress!
For the dress, I especially like the ruffles at the elbow.
Just gorgeous!
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I like the autumnal shades; overall, it's a very peaceful and warm piece! 
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Now i realize that possibly a friend of mine was watching ur Devs a lot
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this is probably my absolute favorite on this whole website
you're a wonderful artist
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This is so beautiful. I'm envious.
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This is beautiful. :D
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Amazing work!!! LOVE it!
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[ complimenti, mi piace il tuo dark stile! XD ]
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The linework in this is really great [link]
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'Tis lovely! Now I'm wishing for autumn to come! :iconautumnplz:
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This is beautiful, sad and romantic.
It's lovely, it truly is:heart:
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Oh I just love everything about this! The colours, the sketchy look, her expression. Lovely!
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The colors in this are glorious.
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This excellent artwork is featured in my journal. [link]
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these are gorgeous!!! again... i think i'm going to be spending some money on abigail larson tee shirts... oh boy :) they're so worth it though!

especially since i'm a halloween baby!

i'm heading to the site right now!

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just bought one as soon as i saw it.

i'm looking forward to it coming along!

let me know which book is which. i don't have a ton of money (living at home, health and all that stuff i told you before, it's embarrassing, to be honest, to have talent and want to be of use and help out, but be stuck sick and able to write a little each day, but having no idea where that will take me, or if it will. i hate feeling like a burden on my folks. and i'm rambling... i catch myself doing that a lot.)

anyway, let me know if the earlier project is what you were thinking of sending me (which be INCREDIBLE by the way), is the same project as the mexican bingo book (which i posted to my facebook wall to make sure anyone checking out my page, will check out your combined project.)
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very nicely done :)
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Holy crap! I've loved BPAL and your artwork for a while now. That's so awesome that you got that chance to do artwork for them. I think I'm too late to get Harvest Moon by now, but it's great art!
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Your amazing work has been featured in Friday Night Features.
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