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Harry Potter of course! Happy holidays everyone :)
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So, I don't know how you feel about fanfiction, but Of a Linear Circle ( is my absolute favorite one of HP, and I keep thinking of your art while reading it.

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Beautiful!! 😍😍
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me encanta el linear kdsnkreh
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Love the scarf (especially the frayed ends) :D
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So perfect! Illustrated wonderfully! 
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Great lineart. And the sepia tone in the grays does something--not sure what...
I love your style and the haunting feel of the pieces. This is a great depiction of Harry!

I would like to reblog this but I can't seem to find it on your tumblr. Would you be willing to post this piece to tumblr so it can be reblogged? Or else would it be OK to post this pic to tumblr with credit to you and a link back? Thanks so much!
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I'm glad you like this one! Feel free to share it wherever you want, as long as you link to me :) 
Thank you so much! I will absolutely link you :)

ETA: Here's the post (on my sideblog) with a link back to your DA ♥
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As a huge Harry Potter fan, you did amazing! As a critic, you did amazing
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Cool! I Love your style!
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This is beautiful! 
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Awesome drawing! It's both elegant and manly :D
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His scarf looks like the scrolls from the Marauders map.  His pose is striking. Nice!
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Nice, there's a very cool Grimm Brothers-like look to it. with some Tim Burton influences thrown in for good measure.
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Love your style! The colours sort of remind me of the works of Tim Burton, and it's awesome
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This is gorgeous! I love your style. Beautiful!
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This is lovely! I really like the tangled, twisted lines, the way you've drawn his wand, and the movement of his cloak and scarf. 
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this is amazing! :iconluvluvplz:
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