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Hades and Persephone I

I've been working with an awesome client recently who commissioned an illustration of Persephone and Hades, and she liked all the thumbnails I came up with - so I got to finish them all! Here's I of IV

Ink, watercolor, Photoshop

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Beautiful. The first ever love story. 
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Is there anywhere to buy a print of this? I am obsessed with Hades / Persephone
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Yes indeed! I have several versions of Hades and Persephone prints in my shop: Hades and Persephone I Hades and Persephone II Hades and Persephone III Hades and Persephone IV
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For some reason this reminds me of Snape and Lily from Harry Potter. I don't know why but this is beautifully done beside that side note
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Amazing! Love the little touches of feathers and veins about Hades, and the stems (and I think leaves?) about Persephone.
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Great detailed work, the use of color only for her hair looks spectacular against the contrasting background colors.
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Absolutely beautiful. :)
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Very cool, I like your use of ink and watercolour.
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Beautiful work :heart:
Your style is so unique, that's very rare thing.
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This is beautiful and my favourite of this series of drawings. I love the details with her hair, his fingers by her waist, the way they gently cling to each other and more than anything else.. the expressions. Just stunning.
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I like the way you draw >w< the muted colors bring out the emotions/concept of the piece :)
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Love the style
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Beautiful (: Can I have this as a picture for my altar? 
AbigailLarson's avatar
Of course you can! You can get prints here:
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They seem loving towards each other.
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so Beautiful thats what i see
you're fond of redheads, arent you? :L i do like that you're doing this story though, because it always interested me. its a bit similar to batb i guess.
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This one and IV are my favorites, because they have such passion. So gorgeous!
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So intricate and beautiful. Heart I love the plants growing out of Persephone's hair. 
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I've always thought Hades got a bit of a bum deal because his kingdom later became associated with images of the Christian hell, but the Greek underworld as I understand it was never a place of divine punishment, but if a soul carried its regrets and longings there it would effectively torment itself. I like the version of Hades that is depicted in Gene Wolfe's 'Soldier in the Mist' where he tells the narrator something like 'men fear me, but there is no one men should fear less than me'. I guess Persephone was technically his niece but then again most Olympians married siblings so no big faux pas there. I like in your version how Persephone is obviously into him and it was unlikely she would have had to have been abducted away to the underworld, Demeter will be furious!
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I agree with most of what you've said, but in most versions, the abduction only happen because of Eros arrow (love), not just for the sake of taking her. Hades may have abducted her, but he never harmed her in anyway.

Lady-Weavile-461's avatar
Hmm, I have to agree... :D
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