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Drawlloween 2017 - Witch

This prompt was: witch! (She's definitely up to something! :cauldron: )

7"x7" Drawn in ink, and painted with watercolor and Photoshop. Prints are available here!

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XP-820/860 Series
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Ooo everybody loves witches! well, except God. I really like how you drew her! Witches always look so dark, seductive, macabre and evil. Witches rhymes with...
gothic! I really like your art style! it's like if Disney, Edgar Allan Poe and Scott J Campbell had a threesome...and Disney was a girl? idk :o

I might be wrong about God, he might like witches. But when I see "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" exodus 22:18 it kinda makes me he doesn't, well that and like every other verse that says witchcraft is rebellion and whoredom it's like BOOM no heaven for witches :P

Tough break.
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mysterious lady... I would let her put a spell on me :love:
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That book reminds me of my chemistry textbook from high school.
That thing had a lot of holes and burn marks as well as some colorful stains.
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Nice book of spells :D
BornFreak's avatar
I fecking adore everything about this, from the lil' delicate hands holding the book, from the smoe skull to the hair detail.
DogwitchFan's avatar
Book of the dark (f)arts?
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Beware the Rule of 3, young lady....:skull:
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What a gorgeous image, love your work and style.
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