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Drawlloween 2017 - Ghoul

Day 9 of Mab's Drawlloween Club is: ghoooul! I made a selfie for this prompt since ghouls are my absolute favorite of all the Halloween fiends!

7"x7" Drawn in ink, and painted with watercolor and Photoshop

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XP-820/860 Series
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the chick in the pic is you?

TheAncientLantern's avatar

I love your art. I could recognize it from a mile away. You have such a really cool, distinct art style. I love it!

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I can't help but see the one on the left saying..."Excuse me miss? May I carry your purse?" "Shut up Clive, you'll give us away, Allow me instead...How about you do some soul searching and decide which of us gets it!"  Your artwork is snacktastic amazing! soul-licking good! I love it!
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devALLjapan's avatar
I adore your figures and the clothes you put on them. It looks so good
BornFreak's avatar
Those lil' skulls are fecking adorable
loverofmythology's avatar
it looks like they're trying to get you to go out to dinner with them xD very nice
Glowwyrm's avatar
Awesome work. I love the way you draw skulls in general, but this one is my favourite. Inspiring Inkwork. :)
DeeDraws's avatar
please tell me you have a tiny skeleton keychain irl, that's magnificent XD
AbigailLarson's avatar
I do! Haha I have a cherished lil skeleton keychain by Alexander McQueen 💀
DeeDraws's avatar
:heart: OMG watch that o_O -right- skull emoticons wink

oh my goooooooooosh that's awesome!!!!!
Chaosfive-55's avatar
"Self-Portrait, with Ghouls" :)
Evodolka's avatar
beautiful design and style :)
GuardingOkami's avatar
For some reason the ghouls remind me of kids who ask if they can go to McDonalds instead of eating at home. This piece is absolutely amazing!
Geralt-von-Riva's avatar
I love your work so much! :)
MikeDoscher's avatar
I've loved watching your work refine and evolve- the same territory, but with more finely woven shadows with each year.
grassa48's avatar
A girl and her friends out for a walk. How sweet.
Knight3000's avatar
Beautiful piece
MBloodriver's avatar
remind me of the creatures in Harry Potter (can't remember their names)
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Daniloolinad's avatar
Those are some charming ghouls, i would say
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