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Drawlloween 2017 - Frankenstein

This prompt was "Frankenstein", and since I've drawn the monster and his bride a few times in the past, I decided to draw Victor Frankenstein this year black heart bullet  

7"x7" Drawn in ink, and painted with watercolor and Photoshop. Prints are available here!

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ChaosEmpress's avatar
Ooh! How handsome.
Dragonnerd445's avatar
Love the gothic look! :)
ashleyjordan's avatar
Ah he is glorious, how Victor should be cast! I have always dreamt of a version of the story much like this so thank you for creating such a handsome, brooding professor!
LovelyLiar's avatar
Oh my god I love this!!!!
PhobosEscanor's avatar
Oh my god. This is great :D
LittleRunningMouse's avatar
this picture makes me wonder if he ever leaned back and got pricked by that highly suspect needle in the pocket
Realmwright's avatar
Maybe I'm unoriginal, but I imagine he's got some friends: Mary, Shelley, and Byron, who are pitching pebbles at his window, hollering "C'mon, Frankie, you nerd! Come out and play, you're homework can wait. You should see these storm clouds building, probably gonna be lots of lightning tonight."
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Beautiful, amazing work~!
KeplerNova's avatar
Frankenstein has to be the most butchered classic character ever. if you actually read the book you will find a very nice and heroic person who want to defeat death in the name of humanity in him but all the movies always portray him as a mad scientist, so i´m super glad to see a very handsome and nice looking portray of him
BlackVulmea's avatar
The blood-stained smock adds horror to an otherwise sedate scene - well done.
angelahedderick's avatar
Victor Frankenstein - doing his Edgar Allen Poe impersonation!
dbgirl's avatar
It's not just beautifully drawn, it also tells a story and I love that :)
NavJAG's avatar
Fantastic - love the contemplative expression he has - and the bloody work shirt on his chair is a nice touch! #1 
Mad42Hatter's avatar
Ya know, doc, that's really not the safest place to leave your syringes.
I'm just saying, don't lean back too suddenly, all right?
LadySionis's avatar
you do realize everything you do is a stroke of ghoulish delight, right? XD
AnfelMeva's avatar
Ohh yesshh the doctor finaly
ArtemisCro's avatar
Holy crap this is perfect!!!
ElizabethHolmes's avatar
dlambeaut's avatar
I love the fact you've drawn the doctor, Frankenstein's name true bearer, instead of the monster with no name... :thumbsup:
furiana's avatar
Me too! The doctor gets no love.
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