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Drawlloween 2017 - Cerberus

This prompt was "Cerberus" so I drew him as a puppy (a few years before becoming the formidable guardian of the Underworld) cuddling with Hades Pixel Icon: Ink-Heart (F2U!) 

7"x7" Drawn in ink, and painted with watercolor and Photoshop. Prints are available here!

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XP-820/860 Series
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Cerbie puppo is adorable

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He’s so flipping adorable here 😍😍😍
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DDAAAAWW! Who's a cutie? Who's a sweet little abomination? That's right, you are!
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Aww, what a cute little hellspawn!
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I love this :D This is wonderful
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trop chou le bébé cerberus ^^ 
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"Aw. Who's my good boy? That's right, you are...and you are...and you too."
It's a toss up: You have three times as many cute snoot boops, but you'd also have three times as much puppy chewing problems, and you'd go through treats like crazy, and with three mouths, but only one butt, that critter must poop all. the. time! And he's only gonna get bigger.
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Aw look at that adorable little puppy!😘
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Cerberus puppy with Hades, Love it!! :love:
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Daw. He's adorable.
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There's never enough Cerberus love in this world <3
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Aww, I love this one :) The expressions for both as perfectly tender.
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A very cute idea. <3
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whoa...the way you drew hades....Tomoyo Blushing Icon 
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Such a tiny puppy!! Amazing drawing :D
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oohhh all the snootboops you could give O,O<3
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This.. this is the cutest shit on this site. 
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One of the definitions of Cerberus is "spotted".

So, yeah. The King of the Underworld named his dog .....Spot.

Hat tip to Jim Butcher and The Dresden Files
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