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Drawlloween 2017 - Black Cat

Today’s Drawlloween prompt is: black cat!

7"x7" Drawn in ink, and painted with watercolor and Photoshop. 
Prints are available here!

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XP-820/860 Series
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Awesome work! Love the style!

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Interesting angular style.

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This is soo wonderful :D May I ask how you achieve the textures? (especially on the cat)
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Thank you! I use watercolor to get the texture :) (Smile)  It's half traditional, half digital, so the watercolor paper texture sometimes shows through.
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That's really neat. Thanks for replying. Clap 
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Omg dat kitty! I wanna hug her!!! La la la la La la la la
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Creepy cats can do the blep, too. :meow:
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Cute and creepy ( in a good way) its super cool!
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This is somehow a very strong image in my eyes. It really catches the the special way your style is dynamic. That fluid weight your stylization choices give. Interestingly, I think that strong quality in your art is more present in objects than the wonderful characters you draw. 
I guess it's something I always enjoy about your art, but it snapped into words when I saw this. 
Yeah, lol, have a good one.
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tim burton´s cat love it
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Eeee, so cute! Yay black cats!
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This is really amazing! Teach me your techniques, master.
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Looks awesome!! <3 
Love the watercolor texture combined with neat digital color! <3 
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