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Dracula Calls

A piece based on Bram Stoker's Dracula for the upcoming Book Show in Paris, France at Galerie Daniel Maghen [link]
The exhibit runs from July 3 - 28, 2012, opening Friday, July 6 at 7PM

Thanks to everyone who helped me decide what to draw! And in case anyone is interested, I do have plans to illustrate more from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft, and "Jane Eyre" in the coming months. There were many wonderful suggestions, and I hope to finish them all soon!


This piece was all traditional! Made with pencil, ink, and watercolor.

Update: The original was sold at the show, I'm sorry to those who expressed interest! But prints are now available! Purchase them in my shop, here: [link]

It's on tumblr! [link]

For more updates on what I'm doing currently, Visit my facebook page! [link]
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I love that you drew both bats and moths in this. 
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What a stunning Dracula illustration! This is so beautiful...
Unfortunately, I discovered this work of yours reposted (I think without permission, because they also reposted one of my work and when I said that that one was mine, they arrogantly replied without even saying "sorry") here on facebook:…
I just wanted you to know. That page always post art without asking to the artists, I think is wrong.
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Awful! Sadly, this happens far too often :( Thanks for letting me know!
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Famous draw!  Great style !!!
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Lucy looks amazing!!! So badass XD
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this is awesome! I always liked this kind of illustrative style!
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This just made my day, I love this.
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Wonderful style, composition and colours!
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I adore that dream-like eeriness you created here.
It feels like seeing a light horror - it's really creepy
what's going on there but the delicate colors manage
to soften the whole scene.

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wow this is amazing!
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It's very wonderful! It Rocks! *_*
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This has to be one of my favorites!! Very unique art style. Clap
I love Dracula Heart
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Very nice work! I especially like the steam or smoke at the bottom and all the twisty lines of the shadows. The moth is interesting too. I love the woman's hair!
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wonderfull! love how you captured all of Dracula's forms and how the colors all blend in to create the 'mood'. could you please tell me what do you use when drawing if its not too much trouble.
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Thank you! I just use regular mechanical pencils for drawing, but for this piece I used micron pens to ink, and watercolors.
your work is delightfully macabre and well made
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Watching your work is like reading the novel.
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God, why do you draw so good? D: Awww, I can't stop looking, your pics are hipnotizing.
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