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Dance with the Devil

This piece was made for an auction with the Changeling Artist Collective. The expression "dance with the devil" is open to a lot of interpretation, so while I know exactly what I wanted to portray with this piece, I hope everyone who sees this it interprets it in their own way!

 demon devil heart 

Prints are available!

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XP-830 Series
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THis adds to the opening to a quote. "She knew who she was dancing with the entire time.....even she saw the angel in the Devil." May have slaughtered it, but this is haunting! I love the detail here! :D

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The red/green contrast in colors is really pleasing to my eye!

I really enjoy the idea of them being 'under the firmament' but not really!

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Hey, would it be okay if I used this as the cover art for an Episode story I'm writing if I credit you?

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Sure! Thanks for asking first :) 
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This reminded me of a tale called "The three girls". three daughters had to dance with 3 devils in hell every night
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This is so beautiful! Great depiction!😊
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Awesome Heart I love the atmosphere and how her crying face is half-hidden in his shoulder.
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I love your work so much! I was wondering, how do you work with so many dark colors without getting them muddled together and hard to differentiate ? I am struggling with that in my digital paintings.
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Hey thanks so much! A tip I use when starting my pieces is to work in grayscale first. This shows me where I need more contrast to have a more balanced piece. Also, when working in color, I try to pick colors that pair well together, like red and green (opposites on the color wheel) but there are a lot of options with color, so experiment with color groups that you prefer, then lighten and darken them based on how well they read when next to each other. I hope that helps!
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I only now realized you used a mix of red and green here for contrast, and did NOT make it look Christmasy o.O Good job. I thought that combo was forever claimed by the holiday season. Guess I can take that off my blacklist when working with color combinations XD
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This piece intrigues me. I would like to know the whole story.
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This is so touching it hurts.... :heart:
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This takes Jack Nicholson's quote as the Joker, "Have you ever danced with the devil in pale moon light?" to as whole new level! Love the use of red here! Happy Mother's Day to you and your family!
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Beautiful reference!
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I've seen the Batman movie with Michael Keaton and it's pretty good! I love Jack Nicholson and his first entrance as the Joker!
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Your comment made me deduce that you never watched Tim Burton's Batman until now. No worries, better late than never. And the movie is wonderful. Great script, great casting, great everything.
Colinidas's avatar
I know right?! They really shouldn't have gotten rid of Michael Keaton for the third film! He was the best!
PrincepsTenebris's avatar
It's a shame that people complained about the dark tone of Batman Returns. That made the studio change Batman into a more goofy version, like the Adam West's Batman.
Tim Burton had several ideas for the 3rd movie. The Scarecrow would feature as the villain and his plan was to make Gotham plunge in an eternal Halloween.
Just imagine it. Tim Burton's Batman meets Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Colinidas's avatar
I know right! I actually liked Batman Returns, it was kind of a master piece! I once read a fan fiction called Batman Triumphant where the Scarecrow, along with Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face were featured! It was a beautiful fic, you should check it out!
PrincepsTenebris's avatar
That's so cool. Could you reply me with a link to the fan fiction, please?
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This is thought-provoking!
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This is gorgeous! :heart:
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