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Bellatrix Lestrange

That lovely, evil Bellatrix :D

Harry Potter and associated characters belong to J.K. Rowling
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Oh my!  I love it.
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My favourite character! :3 Awesome!
brilliant! very burtonesque. just gorgeous.
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This is perfect! Bellatrix is one of my favourite characters and I think you captured her very well. Also, the dress is beautiful and really suits her :iconiloveyouplz:
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:clap: Such a beautiful work!! I wish they had spoken more about her in the earlier books, she's an interesting character :)
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Beautiful *face of awe*
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Perfect Bella!!!
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you have a really eerie tim burton style in my opinion. i lorrrrrrrrrrve it ma'am/sir.
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I love this, despite I hate Bellatrix. She's the most evil character of HP series along with "Toad face".
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Ooh, I know! She's really awful... but I think villains add so color much to a story :)
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Lovely and evil indeed. And mad, later on in life.
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Haha, I love this! She looks like she's saying "Me? I'm hurt by your accusations" :)
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She shouldn't be so pretty, but she is. Whhhhyy!? How am I suppose to hate her properly?
I like this a lot :) And Bellatrix Lestrange is my very favorite.
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this is beautiful
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Whoa...that's gorgeous. O_O Great job.
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