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Annabel Lee Painted

Finally, the finished version of this piece:

I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. By that I mean that it satisfies me enough to stop thinking about it. I'm beginning to like my digital work much more than traditional, sadly, but I'm starting to mix the two medias. Not everything looks good digitally painted, and not everything looks good in watercolors; a philosophy that until recently I thought was untrue.

I was happy to find this pose because I was going for a more Venus-like feel to the character, because I had always thought of Annabel Lee as a very feminine symbol. That might just be me being morbid and dark, but that's why I'm an artist.
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I know nothing about the poem or the character, but this picture is one of the reasons for watercolour. Digital or traditional.

Very inspiring and emotive.
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(This is also so extensively reblogged without credit around the intarwebs that it took forever to determine the provenance. :( )
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I just tattooed this today and wanted to show you :) I gave you credit for the artwork. Its on instagram @hrtattoos :)
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Sorry I just saw this message! But the tattoo looks amazing! Great work <3 Thanks for sharing!
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I really like the colors and the way they contrast with one another. Great work. I could easily see this hanging in my home :) Thank you for sharing
I absolutely love your style and this - Annabel Lee - is one of my favorites in your gallery. I've so enjoyed spending time with your creations - thank you!
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Thank you for spending time with them! They do get lonely, sometimes <3
In that case, I will make it a point to stop in more often! :-)
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great technique, wish i could do this
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the funny thing is, my name is Annabel, and it is spelled like that. :)
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LOL, I just finished reading Annabel Lee, wow, hope my death isn't like tht.... I love the ocean.
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With that outfit, no wonder she got chilled and killed.
I just wanted to tell you that I've used this photo for an illustration of Annabel Lee on my PodOmatic podcasting of the poem Annabel Lee. I've given you full credit. Here's my link: [link]

I hope all is well,
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I had to design a costime for Annabel Lee, for my Drama class yesterday....She was supposed to be a lady of the sea, chained to the ocean...
And, this reminds me of her!
Well, the hair!
But, your dress is so gorgeous!
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Beautiful use if color. I like how the only bright colors you used are on Annabel and that the background has darker colors. Nicely done!
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i love the contrast between the dark tones in the BG and her dress, beautiful!
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I Love this; her dress, her strands of hair, the "sponged on" painted feeling
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oh i just love her dress! beautiful :)
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My favorite Poe Poem :sniff:
This is absolutely beautiful.
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