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December 22, 2019
Alphabet - the Letter B by AbigailLarson
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Alphabet - Bewitching Banquet


“Bloodthirsty beasts and beldames enjoy a bewitching banquet” 🍷

Continuing with Month of Fear this week I illustrated the letter "B" (and there are a lot of spooky things that begin with b, so there was so much to fit into this piece! Black cat, bat, bullfrog, broom, bones, blood, beetle... and some not-so-scary, like bread, bundt cake, book, bow, berries, bracelet, brooch) The prompt for the week was "monsters below"

This piece is also a combination of a couple of the Drawlloween prompts from this week, "coven", "witch", and maybe even "toad"? (But I drew a bullfrog... close enough!)

Here's the letter A:
Alphabet - Arcane Apparitions by AbigailLarson


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Beautiful artwork!

I'm not sure but wouldn't the large, red, demonic gent be Beelzebub? And isn't "besom" another word for the broom?

Fractaldragon's avatar
This is delightfully weird and beautifully drawn. Congrats on the DD!
SketchMonster1's avatar
Gorgeous and incredible artwork. The meticulous detail is amazing as well as the beautiful color design. Awesomeness.
atram95's avatar
Is Gorgeous!!
LindArtz's avatar

Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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Love the greens and dark red (it's my favorite color) and the creepy creature under the table! Nice work!

Zelekhia's avatar
Love the contrast the muddy green and dark red create! The colours in general are well chosen. You managed to put a lot of things in here without making it feel crowded - well done! The cat and the monsters under the table are adorable ^^
watchman932's avatar
Wow, pardon me but are you the one who drew the cover image for choice of games Weyrwood?
watchman932's avatar
Your work is one of the best I've ever seen, it really fits the whole Victorian, Gentry theme you have. :-)
AbigailLarson's avatar
Thank you so much!
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Really amazing work! so much details!
Your works always are so very well done! Beautiful! :heart: :)
AbigailLarson's avatar
Thank you so much! I adore your work, especially your recent Drawlloween pieces! Beating Heart - Black 
le-letha's avatar
...and "brambles", I think! Or "briers", maybe.
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Beautiful piece
kade32's avatar
Boris Karloff
BillyDBunny's avatar
Arthur Rackham move over!
TheTubich's avatar
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What a detailed and spooky scene - happy Drawlloween!
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