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Albus Dumbledore! It's about time I did a more characteristic illustration of him.

This was drawn in pencil and colored digitally

Dumbledore belongs to J.K. Rowling, this image is not available for free use.
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awesome! love his hands <3
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You have a nice style
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Love your drawing style and THAT Dumbledore! :nod:
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I miss THIS style Dumbledore
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I so love your style...
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Wooooooow! I love it! Beautiful :3
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ALBUS! :D He was like a grandfather to me, cause mine all passed before I got to know them. >.<
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I love his wrinkles... they tell so much about him.
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I love your version of him! Wise and kind, but also strong and unyielding! :heart:
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Probably one of the best Dumbledore's I have ever seen, love it
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Albus! Love it **
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I love his beard. xD And his robes. Very fun job. <3
Do you draw darkly with the pencil for lines like the border? Or do you enhance the lines digitally?
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It's all done in pencil, and I apply pressure on certain details to emphasize or soften the lines. I do a lot of digital touchup, but mainly for coloring and cleaning away stray lines :)
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That's cool. c: Thanks for answering.
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wow I just LOVED your style!!!!
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I've always loved Dumbledore :)
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Oh my God!! Brilliant!
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