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A Mythos Grimmly

Just a few hours left to help support "Am Mythos Grimmly"  - a Lovecraftian fairytale book! Please help them make their goal!…

I illustrated the front and back covers for this anthology, and it really looks like it'll be fabulous! 

Ink, watercolor, and Photoshop
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Stunning!! Looks amazing. I really like your style. 
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Oh my! Please, tell me that this book will be availeable via amazon or etsy *.*
(I am an European without a credit card, so these two sites are the easiest way for me to buy this wonderful book)
And yes, I am definetely going to buy it!!!!!
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that so beautiful Abigal 
FreakStar777's avatar
i'd give anything to have your style
JTHMFrAeK's avatar
Love the style!
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I love it so much! Great job on those clothing folds, and the little bear fellow reminds me of your book. ADORBS. 
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Ah, yes! You're the first person to spot Thomas the Bear!! haha ^.^
this is great but i look at it and see bella and dromeda black :L yes, im one of those irritating people who relate everything back to harry potter. aside from my pottermania, though, i like the way your pictures often seem part of a bigger story, and they make the viewer want to know that bigger story. it's wonderful.
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That's amazing! I love that you see other things in my piece! Glad you like this piece, thanks!
oh, good :) no problem!
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Really lovely.
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Charming!!!! :aww:

....have you ever read the superb ghost-stories of Montague Rhodes James?  I think your illustrations of his stories would be amazing!!!
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It looks awesome! :)
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I love how it reminds of childhood and at the same time gives this uneasy feeling :heart:
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haha, oh man I love the whole flashlight under the bed monster. Beautiful.
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good god, this is beautiful!
you combined two amazing things: Lovecraft inspiration and your style! the result: perfection.
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Beautiful! Perfecto! Amazing!
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asdfgh I love your art style just sooooo much!<3
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Your art will be famous, so good, I really like how you did the flashlight
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