Skin Deep - First Edition

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Welcome to the first edition of Skin Deep, a feature series that aims to go beyond the Daily Deviations and showcase more fine customization works. ipholio and myself, abhimanyughoshal, have been scouring the Skins & Themes and Icons galleries to bring you some real fancy treats! Check 'em out!

Alysseum Miranda Skin by Febernovo
A little gloss, some wicked colours, and a whole lotta style make this skin a treat to use!

Imagine for Rainlendar v2 by Benijamino
Imagine for Rainlendar v2 by Benijamino
This fabulous Rainlendar theme uses a colour scheme reminescent of heylove's awesome Area04 theme. Put 'em both together for twice the goodness!

Deviant Art for w900 BBT2006 by EnzuDes1gn
If you've got a serious DA fetish, show it off on your phone with this wonderful theme for SE W900s!

MIPOD by Skin-Consortium
MIPOD by Skin-Consortium
The great skinning group's clever take on the ever-popular iPod, for WA5!

Em3lent Styler Toolbar by SteRawlinson
Em3lent Styler Toolbar by SteRawlinson
A must for all Styler fans! Big 'pressy' buttons and some neat texture on this one!


Stainless by panoramix-
Stainless by panoramix-
Here's one of the cleanest icon sets you'll find on deviantART. If you're looking for a smooth set of icons to match that oh-so-sleek desktop, look no further.

HALO Dock Icons by JJ-Ying
HALO Dock Icons by JJ-Ying
This is one amazing set of icons. For all the countless Halo fans out there, let these finely detailed icons take a test run on your desktop. I promise you won't want to change your icons back!

3D Cartoon Icons Pack by deleket
3D Cartoon Icons Pack by deleket
What can I say? deleket is one of deviantART's foremost up and coming iconists. He has already proven himself with his smooth style, and this particular icon set is nothing less than perfect.

iVista PNG's by gakuseisean
The iVista icons are a cross of smooth and classic styles. Whenever I find myself wanting to switch up my desktop icons, somehow I always sway towards these particular icons. So check these out, but be warned, they're pretty addictive!

Grzanka's Icons by voogee
Grzanka's Icons by voogee
This is a slick little set of nine various icons. Talk about eye candy...I guarantee you guys will love these.

Thanks for checking out this edition of Skin Deep! We hope you enjoyed it. We'd love some feedback, and also suggestions on how to improve this series. If you would like to recommend any deviation from the Skins & Themes or Icons galleries, please note either ipholio or abhimanyughoshal. Till next time!
© 2006 - 2021 abhimanyughoshal
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See also: Grzanka's Icons nr 2:
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It's about time we got a regular feature article for the customization category!

Great job. :)
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Woot, i see GuiStyle! Looking great you guys, i love that MIPOD skin!
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Great article and great jobs! :)
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I've always had a nice soft spot for skins and icons. I see making your desktop look sexy as an art form in itself.

Nice to see you guys think so, too!
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very nice works... :)
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Great that phone themers are recognized!
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Very nice selection. Great job.
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wow ... great thanks for featuring my Skin :D
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tnx for featuring my humble design.

great that something like this now exists.
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Thanks for the feature :)
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thanks for the feature. and many thanks for coming up with section like this. we dont have to browse for some skins and stuff as you guys already do it for us. :D
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I love that this is being done!! I think it's great.

Awesome!! You've featured some great ones!
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Great to see this up! And thanks to everyone who checks it out, we do appreciate it. Also a huge thanks to the Creative Team for the kickass header image!
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Nice article, some kick ass skins too. :thumbsup:
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nice. about time we get something like this :D
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