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NOVA logo

A logo design for "NOVA Cleaning Company". The name has changed now though, so I'll be doing a new logo for the new name.

This design is for sale. Please contact me with an offer or ask for a quote if interested.
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Hello, is this logo still customize-able for a new company? I like the O and would like the other letters customized for NOVA
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Thanks for posting. I like this logo super :)
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Nice logo I like it will use at [link]
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The logo is NOT FREE to use... If you'd like to use it, buy it first.
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Your work have been featured in my blog [link] .
Please take a look to see all the other fantastic artists that were features along with you.
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liiiiiiiiiike !!!!
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Featured on: [link] :}
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no problem ; )
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really nice logo -simple and clean[link]
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Not sure the logo is related to cleaning but its awesome, good job
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nice. the o actually reminded me of the central round cylindrical thingy in a washing machine.
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Well that's good then :)
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What's the idea behind the "O"?
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The 'O' is a graphical representation of a Nova, the celestial kind. It is also intended to give a slightly "shiny" quality to the logo.
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why have yuo selected the lime green colour?
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Because of it's freshness value. People tend to associate it with "lime" as you did and thus with clean/fresh because of so many lime scented cleaning products.
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Looks great, shame it won't be used :(
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Colors + Typo = Amazing Logo
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yeah great logo
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