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Don't Abuse Keywords

By Abfc
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Use this stamp if you get tired of searching for something that might be a popular subject, and getting hundreds of results that have nothing to do with that subject.
People will often use keywords such as Naruto, Sasuke, Porn, Sex, Paris Hilton, etc. hoping people will search for those and see their art instead.
It makes me sick. D:

Technical Details:
Words: 22
Frames: 44

The List:
Paris Hilton
George Bush
Death Note

Anyone have any more that I should add?

The emoticon, :typerhappy: by =de-Mote, was used, of course, with permission.
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longestdistanceHobbyist Digital Artist
This is all the more relevant now that DA is gutting the category system in Eclipse. Really wish they'd lower the tag limit because some people are really going buckwild with the random keywords. Anything for that sweet spot on the front page baby
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LucId-PhashatinHobbyist Digital Artist
Exactly! I'm looking for a "I support Sonic porn" stamp, and all i can find is Sonic shipping stamps! As much as i'd love to add a few shipping stamps to my profile, i draw a hell of a lot of porn, and i need a stamp to say so. I'd like to be able to warn people about half my gallery before they actually look into my gallery, i don't think mature content filters are enough, people need to know what i draw as soon as they visit my page. Does anyone know of any stamps like or similar to what i am looking for? I'd appreciate some help.
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Dont-Matter2Student Digital Artist
undertale add undertale
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ColossalStinkerHobbyist Digital Artist
This stamp was made in 2008. I don't think the creator will update it.
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Dont-Matter2Student Digital Artist
this comment was made when i was an undertale loser, im sorry for this to be a thing.
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xXLinxXxStudent Artist
The only keyword I do is emo. Yeah. :T
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Username-91Hobbyist Photographer
Agreed! :iconsuperstareplz: So annoying. I can't find decent ref./ect. without finding something that has absolutely or barely relating to the subject! For example, I search for a related fanart to my favorite character and the first thing that pop up, is anime. :iconwaitwatplz: That doesn't make any sense. :iconwhatisthisshitplz:
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LostAtSeaOFFHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like emopics, but they should be on Tumblr <: D
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EstherTheCatMom General Artist
This usually happens when I search stuff on twitter
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Ahh~ That sickens me :( It's usually on YouTube. I'd go to the description and see an enormous list of non-related subjects of the video.
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Akatsuki313Hobbyist General Artist
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hatoCAFEHobbyist Digital Artist
I only put keywords that will help a person find my art if they are looking for it, although I have a hidden keyword put in there as a little joke(i.e Pants, hot dog, ect.)
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All the anime-related comments...:XD: If there are many people on DeviantART that have never heard of it, it probably does not qualify as a "popular keyword".
And also, Kawaii Desu Anime George Bush Death Note Sonic Emo Yaoi Blood Love Hentai XXX must be searched, pronto. :lol:
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cuteapplesause73Student Artist
I look up all those things instead of.... Sex, Porn, Paris Hilton, Blood, Death, Emo, Love, Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Desu, Kawaii, Sonic, XXX, Boobs, Penis.......

and you forgot my little pony, justin beiber, miley cyrus(bad role modle), weed, racism, 666, teen pregnancy and tons more....
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you forgot "justin beiber". As far as i know, those are very abused keywords.
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SonicLover96Hobbyist Digital Artist
You shud make a stamp saying STOP SONIC PORN!
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AbfcHobbyist Photographer
People can draw nude/pornographic art of whatever they please, although I do agree a /lot/ of the subject matter should be squashed out.
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SonicLover96Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, thats my point
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GirlinLuvAnimeHobbyist Digital Artist
MLP !!!!!! >:C
I found a picture when I was seaching for Shadilver. I find it annoying
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AbfcHobbyist Photographer
alright I'm getting really annoyed with all of you anime-obsessed idiots telling me about your horrible experiences finding the wrong character I've never heard of when looking for another character I've never heard of, especially when I care very, very little about either.

Anyway thanks for the comment and have a nice day.
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How could you miss that? xD
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AbfcHobbyist Photographer
because i don't share the same interests as you, that's how. V:
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