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Loki Cosplay - Mischief to Menace

Loki Cosplay Shooting, Octobre 2013
Now that Thor 2 is out, I love Loki even more than I did before - he is the character that really made that movie :3c And in celebration of that, here is one of my favourite shots from the studio.

Photo & Post-Production: :iconzahnpasta:
Costume, Armor, Make-up & Modeling: me

Before the typical questions where I bought the outfit from arise -

More of my Loki cosplay:
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Oct 26, 2013, 9:00:17 PM
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love this so much how did you do the mouthpiece cause i have a 3D printer and have been working on a 3d sculpting program but I just can't get it right how did you make yours?  
Join the army ... Ok i will, Loki, you are awesome
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lol that is me 
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great cosplay! what kind of material did you use?
NightshadeULF's avatar
You make a very amazing Loki =)
ihni's avatar
That looks really great! I've made one of these costumes as well so I know how much work it is ... but I have to ask; the armour looks so very nice and three-dimensional - how did you make it?
TsukiLunaray's avatar
Wow so amazing! Loki my fave too. XD
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Now this is bloody fantastic.
HikariScarlet23's avatar
Es demasido perfecto... cada vez que veo una foto me da de nuevo el venazo de hacerme el cosplay *O*
SilviaDraco013's avatar
This is a good Loki cosplay.
skyeskia's avatar
Absolutely incredible. I think I just saw you on YouTube, were you one of the Looki Loki winners at the Berlin Premier? I think you might have been next to Tom Hiddleston. Anyways you look amazing even if that wasn't you.
Abessinier's avatar
Hahaha no, that was probably one of the persons that bought their armor from me ;)
I did not have the money to go to Berlin, sadly.

Yet, thanks a lot for the nice compliments <3
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Aww that's too bad. Money is always the problem with cosplay haha
I just thought of you immediately because you're the only person I know who has made the muzzle (which looks awesome, by the way!! I wish I had your skills haha). You deserve all the compliments people throw at you!!!
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Stop it, you gorgeous creature. I can't take the feels. D:
Abessinier's avatar
Can't stop wont stop
random-kell's avatar
Wow...that is all I can say just Wow!OMG
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