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Cosplay Tutorial: Binding I

This does not work for bigger breast sizes.
It has been reported that from C-Cup on, it is hurtful, doesn't sit right and often won't look good. Sorry.

This is my 20k pageviews present for you:
A tutorial about the open-chest binding and body-makeup I did for my Dante-cosplay.

German version: ---> [link]

This is part I, the Binding.

Pictures used in this are:
And a pic of my Dante-cosplay that I haven't uploaded yet, taken by =Andy-K

I hope you like it and it is helpful to you <3

You're allowed to share this, if you give credit, but you're not allowed to claim this was your own or try to make money with it (noboy would pay for it anyways lol).
If you want to put it to your homepage, tell me first and link back to my profile.
Stock Used
simple rock stars by `pica-ae
stars by ~ivy-poison
Leopard by ~LaTaupinette
Jessie-Patterns by ~CartoonJessie

Part II:
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okay, thanks for this! i think it might still be possible for it to work for bigger breast sizes.. but still being careful. i think i might try this soon, i dunno.  thanks for the tutorial.
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Hey, I realize this is an old post so I don't know if you're already aware or even if you're still using this method, but using tape to bind is super dangerous! Beyond just tearing skin, it could possibly do tissue damage. Since this isn't wrapping all the way around, so I'm not sure if it could hurt your ribs too, but I've seen some really nasty looking bruises from people binding with tape and it doesn't really allow your chest/lungs to expand properly D:

There are a few companies that make skin toned chest binders now (gc2b and shapeshifters, there might be others but I'm not sure) They're not 100 percent safe either, but as long as you get the right size and don't wear it for too long/while physically exerting yourself (like exercising or some something) and you take breaks, they at least won't tear up your skin or bruise your ribs
pokemonsonicgirl123's avatar
You're slightly overweight, in other words? :O_o:
tinyapplesx's avatar
uh i don't think it's a particularly nice thing to say...just letting you know.. calling someone overweight, i mean. 
pokemonsonicgirl123's avatar
If it was an insult, I would have called that person who hid the comment (at least I'm assuming) "fatty" or any other weight-related expletives (is this the right word for it, someone tell me).
tinyapplesx's avatar
i don’t know who or why they said it.. my point is that it’s rather rude to call someone fat. just saying. i have no idea who said it, but it’s just not something one should say out loud. common sense, keep it in your head. i mean, i know that i don’t have as severe weight issues like some other people, but i know how it feels to be called fat and it isn’t a good feeling...
pokemonsonicgirl123's avatar
Aaaaaaaaand you continue to be a pest by replying to my old comment.
tinyapplesx's avatar
tomskalover123's avatar
Will this disfigure my boobs or in anyway be harmful? It will be my first time binding and I would just like to know...
Bleu-Ace's avatar
It has the potential to harm your skin, yes. Not deform your breasts, more like it has the possibility to rip at the skin on your breasts and chest. Even if you have your nipples covered, it doesn't account for the sweat + makeup and other conditions by environment or weather.
missmusic's avatar
i was so excited to see this until i read the description...dam my E nurse joy it is Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon 
BeKa-Chu's avatar
Same problem here ^^"
I stopped crossplaying due to my cup size (also E) because it hurt so much everytime...
Since then I genderbend the males I want to do x)

This tutorial helped a friend of mine, so thanks for uploading :3
XxXAshCrashXxX's avatar
Nope. Bad girl/boy/whatever gender you are, that is not a good idea.
Sageoftwilight56's avatar
Actually, I'm a D cup, and I can go all day without it hurting. As long as you do it right, it looks good and isn't painful.
tinyapplesx's avatar
this reassured me...thanks! :- )  
(i think i'm also a d cup, i haven't checked
in a while but i am pretty large chested)
imirockz's avatar
Is there another option than sports tape? I am allergic to latex and whenever I use sports tape, my skin goes all peely and puffy with red blotches which turns into.. ok I wont gross you out anymore, but I just wanna know if I could use some other tape?
kirsten-uchiha's avatar
in case u haven't found it already, i recommend 'nexcare' its great sports tape and its latex free :)
lassitudes's avatar
There's latex-free sports tape (I know 'Mueller' brand is latex free, as is 'Jaybird & Mais'). You might also want to look into kinesthesiology tape.
imirockz's avatar
Thanks for replying! i will look into, thanks!
ViiiRoko's avatar
This is super helpful <3 thank you
lyrista's avatar
Thanks for sharing, I plan on trying this out!
And then there are those of us with DD or bigger that say Bananas to it all, he is a girl now and have fun.
QueenStrawberryAlois's avatar
Would a C cup still be able to pull this off? ;   ;
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