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Tampering with his heart

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"I created this world, just for you. So you could be happy."
"But none of it's real..."
"I am real. Isn't that enough?"

Quick summary: Elliot, the boy on the left, has his body possessed by a nonphysical mental being, Zero, the creepypasta tentacle weirdo on the right, and they directly interact in a mental world Zero created for them. Also they're really romantically into each other but Elliot is trying to deny his feelings for Zero on account of Zero taking over his life and overall bein kind of a nasty (although Zero has good intentions)!

Okay, so I'm still really depressed but the good news is I'm managing to create again. I'm trying to take it easy, still, though. I hope to have the energy to create more comics again soon ^_^
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We will support you no matter what happens. OK? Take time for rest and if you're not ready to draw again, don't. Also, one more thing. Your posts always make me smile
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JustinRichardEXStudent Digital Artist


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Loki-ValeskaHobbyist Traditional Artist

This looks so good! I hope you’re doing better!

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supersoggyHobbyist Digital Artist

Help me, I'm still awake.

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ClawSplash123Hobbyist General Artist

This looks amazing, it's good for you to do something you like (I think). I say that if you're feeling really down, just sit down and just scribble. It could help but I honestly don't know as I haven't had the need to try it out.

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ParcizivalStudent Digital Artist

Your art is really awesome! Don't feel like you have to overwork yourself though. It's good to take time off to take care of yourself.

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What colour for library did u use? Also what app!!

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I meant lineart

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iheartBACON5Student Traditional Artist

I hope you get well soon!! It be better, I've been feeling depressed too... I know that it sucks. Don't overwork yourself ok?? I hope you've had the best day you could!! Goodnight!!

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I hope you are well :heart:

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spgdollarsHobbyist General Artist
I stinking love this concept!!!
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Thats good to hear. We are happy you are back but we are most happy that your feeling better we love and care for you as a person and an artist.

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Yay! i'm glad to see you somewhat up and running again!

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Rosyart1234Student Artist
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Welcome back hope you're feeling better
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I saw the title before clicking and let me say... "tampering with his..." does not look very family friendly lmaooo

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chaceinyourfaceNew Deviant
i’m sorry what 😃
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you can get through this quinn. we are hear for u❤❤
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Abbie-LycanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you feel better Quinn!
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Oh Hey. Your Not Dead! Welcome Back! Take Your Time With Anything You Need To Do! :D :D :D

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Yay! This is great! Hope you feel better soon Quinn!

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We dont See you some time

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supersoggyHobbyist Digital Artist


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Welcome back quinn!

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