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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 137)

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Springtrap And Deliah (Page 1) by GraWolfQuinn
haha would yA look at all those mistakes!!! ah well!!!
In case you couldn't tell by now, this is a nightmare Nick is having. A flashback/memory turned into a nightmare. The ghosts are also responsible. Idk I thought I made it clear by the fact Nightmare Springtrap showed up, but you know,
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PurplePlushPoofNew Deviant

I like to think Nightmare Springtrap is a representation of Deliah‘s Mom

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oh this is nightmare springtrap, then i wonder what the point of plushtrap is :/
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ArtNinja1234lStudent Artisan Crafter

Plushtrap was built by the nightmare to make the hunt equal

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Dethnite256Hobbyist Digital Artist

his point is to make me rage trying to finish the 4th game.

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catscatscatsatscNew Deviant

Oh..... Okay :/

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:/ ok
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FrannIDKStudiosHobbyist General Artist
oh, I get it now, the Souls are controling Deliah's and her father's dreams.
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darkestangel98Student General Artist
I don't know if this has been confirmed or not or addressed before, but the ghost who's face is now white is because they were appeased/ have forgiven springtrap right?
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cricstar95Student Artist
Oh nightmare. Thanks for clearing it up.
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FennecfirefoxHobbyist Digital Artist
If the spirits would leave Springtrap he maybe could change.....

spirits  >:C
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ShinybeaHobbyist Digital Artist
The Souls are even worse than the animatronic: sure, "Springtrap" killed them, but he's trying to change, to redeem himself and the souls aren't letting him, they want him to pay and live alone. This way, though, he would for sure kill again, making things worse, and Springtrap doesn't want it. 
So, basically, the Souls, trying to ostacolate Springtrap's redemption to get their revenge on him, are NOT discouraging him from committing murder.
I can understand the Souls, but what they're doing is stupid and selfish, in my opinion.
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Lydia-the-insaneStudent Digital Artist

He killed them when they barely had a change to live.

Your acting like they're adults knowing what sabotage is, they're kids who are basically throwing a fit because they're sad and angry that they can't see their families anymore. If they're being selfish it's because they want him to suffer like they do. I like springtrap but trying to make the souls the bad guys makes no sense.

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Can i change my answer to get the happy ending please?
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Flaria-DracomorpherHobbyist Artist
That’s not fair! Don’t go after poor nick like that!
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I’m scared 0-o
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VivianmarionHobbyist Filmographer
Its the souls nick dont believe they're trick
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You can have her, I have others
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Curse you, dead children's ghosts!

First time for everything am I right?
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