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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 133)

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holy fucking shit
Guys it's five years EARLIER learn how to read and stop unwatching me :'((((
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funstorygurlHobbyist Digital Artist
she found out abput those drugs
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I found out this was 5 years earlier
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cricstar95Student Artist
5 years ago? Interesting
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I bet this is gonna be the origin story of Deliah's mother croaking.

Also large numbers of people failing to notice the five years regression is hilarious. Sad, but hilarious!
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Funcat2005Student Traditional Artist
Ok but y’all ignoring the fact the clothes make the Bi pride flag?!?
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RYN3NITYStudent Digital Artist
HELL YES flashbaaaack~! I love flashbacks! -w-
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ezziej2Student Digital Artist
I think springy told her...
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And I think it’s 5 years EARLIER
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ezziej2Student Digital Artist
well,  SORRRY.
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ScorpionthehybridHobbyist Artist
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Echo-76Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bro you need sleep
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Oh no she’s crying does she know Nick and Springtrap are fighting or something?
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Jeff-AstronomyHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel bad for Nick
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Poor Deliah she used to be so lonely....

btw, love this series and I noticed it said "earlier" without having to read the description 
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BronySquad114Hobbyist Artist
i think he looked better with the mustache 
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See Nick your daughter is happier than ever with Springtrap ^^
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ArielTheKitty's avatar
I'd never unwatch you and apparently, I'm blind cause I didn't see "five years earlier" (Help me I'm legally blind)
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John108Student General Artist
Everyone who can't read this right, is F***ING S**T.
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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist
This is the greatest thing that's ever happened
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toxic-operatorHobbyist Artist
gyazo.com/705b5f1ad6aa46424344… for everyone who cant read 
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wait 5 years earlier owo
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