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Springtrap and Deliah (125)

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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 126) by GraWolfQuinn
Springtrap and Deliah (Page 124) by GraWolfQuinn
Springtrap And Deliah (Page 1) by GraWolfQuinn
Before you're like "whY dOeSn't hE tEll hEr lMAO", think about it for two seconds. Springtrap just threatened him and the person he loves the most in the world. His goal is to keep Deliah safe, and the way he sees it, the best way to do that is to not tread on Springtrap's toes for now. But no, you're smarter than me. Go collect your Smarter Than Everyone Else prize, you little clever cookie. Clearly, you have bested all of us in intelligence
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I'm a really heavy sleeper too, if an atomic bomb was about to drop I wouldn't wake up lmao

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Yellowscar1Student Traditional Artist
Never mind on my comment on the last thing, YOU THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING LIKE A F****** LEGEND
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The lighting is so beautiful

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treewithapencilHobbyist Digital Artist
i just binged this whole thing from the beginning and i just have to say... wow. this is seriously an amazing story and an amazing interpretation of Springtrap as a character! i love this comic so far, i'll definitely be keeping up with it from now on!
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AnimalLover670Hobbyist Digital Artist
"...Can I go back to sleep now?"
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I’m rereading this part and in the 5th panel it looks like there’s a pink shaded cut or some kind of mark on the left side of nicks neck other then his freckle and it has me worried...it’s even shaded around it if you look hard enough
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the detail in this is really good and you keep it up there is always those little things like the freckle on her dads neck!
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CristinaMeLe526Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*quietly sips coffee* Cup of Coffee 
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cashlost2Hobbyist General Artist
But that's none of my business
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Yeah I finally reached this point... Awe but now I gotta wait. But at least.. I made it
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This is getting hazardous!
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GoddessVelariousProfessional Photographer
yyaaaasss Freddy is .... Twerking? (Chat Icon) 
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Dimonds456Hobbyist Digital Artist
Help I think I’m crying. ;_;
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I love this comic so much. It's awesome how you manage to get all the emotions of the characters spot-on. I can sympathize with just about every character, regardless if I'm rooting for them or not. Whether you have real life experience, or did tons of research, it really really shows. I'm so glad I found your comic, it's one of the most exciting things to see pop on my watch list. 
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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thank you so much!!!!!
Indeed a lot of the character's emotions and desires are inspired by my own life and experiences! And i've always been really interested in making characters with souls and not just kinda slapping an archetypal villain into a story and being done with it. I'm glad you enjoy!
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TinylilcakeHobbyist Writer
To everyone bugging Grawolfquinn about the next page, don’t ask where it is. She’s not a robot who can print pages every second, and besides. You wouldn’t want to have it all out in one go and not be satisfied, would you? The long wait can bring excitement to others... and you, too. So, just be patient and wait. Not to be rude, of course...sorry if I offended you.
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finally someone who has a fckn brain
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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! The next page is in a bit of a development hell since I thought I knew where I wanted to go but now I'm not so sure anymore and it's Ugh. :P I'll get it out eventually, but it'll take a while.
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TinylilcakeHobbyist Writer
Your welcome! Yeah, I can understand where your coming from. If you do have trouble seeing where you want the page to go, I suggest drawing something nice and easy for you. You don’t have to, though.
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WiProgressHobbyist Digital Artist
Turns out this is a telltale game and Nick wouldn't have the balls to tell her if he chose to anyways.
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Oh mah gawd! This is so sweet!
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Is Nick's text's color was changed to purple on purpose?Hmmm
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