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Sam looking funky

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For more information on Sam, PLEASE read here before commenting:

Cuddlebunny characters and storyAn introductory post to the story of Cuddlebunny, Sam's story, so people can come here to learn about him instead of leaving confused comments on drawings of him lol. This post will be updated as Cuddlebunny develops.The setting is Pyebrook, a fictional city in Michigan.Sam ThurmanSam Thurman is a violent, strange, and impulsive person. He has supernatural abilities given to him by a wolf-like supernatural being called the Guardian, and technically, he isn't human anymore (more on that in a second). He kills people who he deems as "maggots"- whoever he sees as evil people who only live to hurt others.He met the Guardian, who turned him into a supernatural being called a Barghest- essentially a superhuman ghoul chosen to kill the evil and protect the innocent. They're also technically part-wolf, at least psychologically??!? aaHis powers include being unnaturally strong and fast, being able to hide wherever there's shadows, being able to move incredibly quietly, and being able to withstand a LOT of punishment (he can get terribly wounded and still survive). There is also one other power but I think it might be too OP so I'm gonna keep it out of here until I'm sure on it :VHe also has immensely lowered inhibition/impulse control. This mostly manifests in him rushing into plans without much forethought, saying the first thing that comes to his mind, and in general acting inappropriately (due to him being a Barghest and technically part-wolf he sometimes barks and bites people lol). In addition, he has a changed, unnatural appearance; paler skin, a strange large blue scar on his neck, red irises, sharp teeth, and dark blue blood.Sam himself has a very emotional, turbulent personality. He's very aggressive with the people he hates but also very affectionate with pretty much everyone else, even total strangers. He finds humans overwhelmingly cute, and will often touch, hug, and caress people without thinking to ask them first.Sam had been physically and emotionally abused as a young child, before being taken from his birth family and adopted into the Thurman family with parents April and Charlie, and his younger brother Theodore. He cares deeply about his family, especially Theodore- even though Theodore has always been extremely terrified of him.Barghests and the GuardianStill working on the backstory for this lore. Check back later.Charlotte ChambersA young woman who's a true crime podcast host. She covers Sam on her podcast a lot, finding him really morbidly fascinating. She's Sam's love interest for much of Cuddlebunny. After she meets Sam, Charlotte thinks she's going absolutely crazy for thinking he's actually kinda cute. She really wrestles with her attraction to him- because he's, y'know, a serial killer.Charlotte's best friend and co-host is Thomas Janetta. They've been BFFs since high school and are platonic partners in life.Theodore ThurmanTheodore is a quiet and socially awkward man who works as a programmer for a game company. Ever since Sam came into his life when he was just five years old, he's been essentially Sam's very reluctant partner in crime. Sam has strung him along with every crazy scheme that's popped into his head for many, many years. After Sam turned 18, though, his antics slowed down and he became somewhat normal. That was until the Guardian came to him, of course.Now, Sam hides in Theodore's house with Theo and his wife, Anna.Thomas JanettaThomas is Charlotte's co-host on their true crime podcast, and equally as interested in the dark and violent side of humanity as she is. However, he's more reasonable and skeptical about it than she is. He likes looking into the human psyche and plans to head to college to pursue a psychology degree eventually. In the meantime, though, he's Charlotte's platonic partner in life, and tries his best to protect her- to him, she can be rather naive and negligent.Thomas is gay, and has a lot of dating trouble, which he regularly rants about to Charlotte.Anna ThurmanAnna is Theodore's wife. She loves Theodore very dearly, but has always deeply feared his brother, Sam- there was always something deeply off about him to her.She keeps trying to get Theodore to stand up to Sam and call the police on him, but Theodore is extremely afraid of the consequences. He's convinced Sam would kill him if he ever did anything against him.Bennett BarnesBennett is a news anchor for Pyebrook's own Coyote News who is perhaps the one person who's more unhinged than Sam. He's OBSESSED with Sam and is convinced he's the only one who knows the truth about him- that he's a supernatural creature sent to destroy society and make everyone in Pyebrook into his servants!!!Bennett, despite being completely off the rails a lot of the time, is actually probably the best reporter Coyote News has when he's not screaming at the office about his theories about Sam.He listens to Charlotte's podcast and on the weekly sends her frantic, crazed emails detailing the "truth" about Sam.The only one who believes him is Ethan Moreno, a young journalist who only just got onto the team and loves conspiracy theories.(Note: Bennett may end up being a non-canon, just-for-fun character.)Ethan MorenoNew guy I'm still figuring out, not a lot to say. He's the only one who believes Bennett Barnes' conspiracy theories about Sam. Eventually meets Sam.


just wanted to draw some funky sam

remember here: CURSED SHORT HAIR SAM by AberrantPaintwhere I said I wanted an "endgame story event" where sam gets even more powerful???

well i've been developing that more and now it's insane and i can't wait to show it to y'all even if it takes like five years

i'm still trying to figure out when I want Cuddlebunny to start? I've been really procrastinating on outlining the story

as for right now, E̵̢̝̪͇͕͓̓Ň̶̟̘͈̘̔̏Ď̷̖͇̎͂G̴̖̩̤̤̘͠A̸̹͉̱͍͐̾M̵̧̘̩͙͍̤̃̓̊̈́È̴̟̱̦̘̹̪͂̇̏̓̀ SAM is all I doodle LMAO

also can you tell i don't really draw shoes

i promise I'll get better at it ;w ;
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I like ya cut g.

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This looks great 👍
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So I did some research on goldie ( off topic but idc)and he is nine and was locked up for 10 years in human years he is 19 or older but in suit years he is still 9
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Wow, you’ve developed him a lot! Nice!

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So cool!!! I love evil characters!!!!
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This is AWESOME!! Also, I love your new name, it's so creative and cool! Can't wait to see more of this funky boi, keep up the good work, Quinn!!

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This is AMAZING, keep up the great work ;)
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I can't draw shoes either, don't worry.

random Katalina AKA Kitty Doodle (PIGGY Fanart)
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He looks so badass!

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The more hair he loses, the more powerful he gets
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He looks like he's seducing Charlotte and I love it

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Crap. Endgame story event? 'Thanos snap'

Avengers vibes lol

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Sam looks like that one Sonic meme, heh.

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Nice linework :)
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I sense very horny vibes from Sam but.. Maybe it's just my imagination

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If you give me a llama i will give you lama

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Damnnnnn, the sassss.

No seriously, amaze picturing!

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This also puts a smile on my face. The sass is goddamn legendary.

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Yessss, 'licks'

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