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Maggot Anatomy

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Kind of visual development for Sam's eventual comic!

uhhh so the idea is that Sam sees the "maggots" (people he hates and think the world would be better off without essentially) as these inhuman creatures and that's represented in the comic visually??? so they look like the guy on the left...
the right is kind of a diagram of how I'm going to visualize their insides in case I need to draw gore shit >_<'' I'm really, REALLY not comfortable drawing detailed, realistic gore (like it's actually really upsetting for me) but something really cartoony and silly I can probably do. and I don't think it's feasible to do a fade-to-black every time Sam hurts someone. Seems like it's going to be an unavoidable part of the comic so might as well make it as nice on me as possible :'D

btw, just a random thought, but why is gore considered a soft 13+ while anything sexual is considered VERY STRICTLY 18+??????? why is killers tearing out the guts of their victims completely acceptable for little Timmy to view buT IF HE SEES A BOOB GOD FORBID........
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HumanP3rsonHobbyist Digital Artist

Cool art and all but WHY IS THE XRAY ONE SMILING

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boneless man.

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Pink Floyd: The Wall anybody?

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ExplosionMareHobbyist Traditional Artist

Personally I’m glad you’re doing the “cartoony” gore cause I find excess gore to be really disturbing

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Loki-ValeskaHobbyist Traditional Artist

It’s looking great so far!

The age restrictions thing, well, that has a lot to do with our culture as a whole. Overall, there’s a LOT of violence in tv Shows, starting off pretty early on in a kid‘s life. Like Some cartoons in the world. And as the kid gets older, there’s more death in his entertainment. Death is everywhere in video games, and shows get progressively more bloody, especially live action shows. And movies like Marvel and DC, also show lots of violence. Comics as well.

Eventually, the kid gets desensitized to these things. They see death in media all the time, so it doesn’t affect them. Thus they can get away with a light rating.

Anything Sexual however, is much more shaded. Sexual themes, and nudity, don’t show up often in young media, and parents purposely steer their kids away from it. Because innocence and all that. So the rating on Sexual anything, is much more strict.

At least that’s what I think.

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NightLightEclipseHobbyist Artist

I must say that the anatomy is well proportioned. The description is amazing. In conclusion, you did an amazing job Thumbs Up

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Cool I like it hope your doing great.

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Being honest i dont know why, but i for some reason i would be ok with gore like i dunno very detailed guts spilled out of a body than the +18 content.

Probably because i saw kill bill when i was 8 but meh

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purpledragon232Hobbyist Digital Artist

this line " why is killers tearing out the guts of their victims completely acceptable for little Timmy to view buT IF HE SEES A BOOB GOD FORBID........ " made me chuckle uncontrollably!!!!

I don't know!!!! But I agree!!!! *chuckles to self for NO FUCKING REASON!!!!*

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Sam's got issues...

Also, good point on the gore thing...

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Not bad but very creepy
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spgdollarsHobbyist General Artist
Lov this
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NeoDraconequusStudent Traditional Artist

Because if lil timmie sees a tiddie it'll hurt his phsyci

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SckelodonStudent General Artist
This reminds me of the song Cabinet Man
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Well, in my opinion, I feel that showing nips/boobs should be maybe soft since- well... They're literally lumps of fat meant to feed babies- and i feel that they shouldn't be super sexualized. Tho of they showed the "bits and peices" or anything relating to that, it should have a strict filter.

And gore? It depends. Like of the organs are spilling out,loads of blood- decapitated.. CERTAINLY 18+ but maybe a small amount of blood, like a bit on a bat/knife, probs no filter. But if it shows lots of blood, maybe impaling with little to no organs- moderate.

This is just my personal opinion on these things, and I wouldnt mind seeing anyone else's.

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CodyScriblynHobbyist General Artist

I agree

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CommunistCaesarHobbyist General Artist
Oh yes, the gods forbid if Little Timmy sees a boob! (That legit had me laughing)
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GoldyShineLoveorGalHobbyist Traditional Artist
This looks amazing! I love the detail of the organs
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Sam's version of Maggots is the Serial killer tunnel vision.

also hey Yeah, that doesn't make any sense soft gore is 13+ while sex is strictly 18+

kids are going to learn about sex either way so why label it 18+ if they are just genuinely curious and want to ask their parents about it? I mean 13+ is when you start to develop hormones so why doesn't sex fall under 13+ as well as a subject matter?

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govbirdHobbyist General Artist
no booby. if timmy see booby he die.
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"I don't think it's feasible to do a fade-to-black every time Sam hurts someone."

The 90s IT miniseries: that's where you're wrong kiddo

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To answer your question; Politics, bullshit politics.

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Well- thats DA for ya.

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I was watching Bandersnatch on Netflix, and it had a decent amount of blood at some parts, but it was rated 18+ because of language and smoking. That film was dark as heck and that's what they want you to be worried about.

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