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Impending Disaster

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"If I hurt anyone who didn't deserve it, I would never forgive myself."
The Guardian prepares Sam for his destiny.

Sam looks a bit different before he goes batshit, doesn't he? he looks almost. normal. It's actually a little freakier than when he's screaming on the rooftop of the local McDonalds about cereal or whatever

I could've done the background better but oh well :I
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chaceinyourfaceNew Deviant
sam is the man behind the slaughter 👀
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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist

if you meaners don't stop repeating that stupid meme ad nauseum i'm going to... cry!!!

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lobaapexlegendsmainHobbyist Writer


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lobaapexlegendsmainHobbyist Writer

Lol, Sam gonna killa some kidas lel

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Why is he all like “I’m nervous” instead of being like,”why don’t I push you off a literal edge you demonic gravity ridden beast”

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Lizarie-Player248Student Digital Artist

why do 6 k people see this and don't favorite this masterpiece?

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AkiCartoonsStudent Digital Artist

This is so cool! Sam does look normal, and that's a little weird for me. :dummy:

Also, Sam screams on the rooftop of McDonald's about cereal?? Amazing! :clap: :happybounce:

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Doctor-DaemonHobbyist Writer

sam shall henceforth jump into pools without hesitation

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DinoToonsUwUHobbyist Filmographer

the moral of this is don’t trust a guardian wolf even if they say they’re trying to help you U-U

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Spark-RobinsHobbyist Digital Artist

Leaked video of Sam Thurman at the local McDonald's

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Avelion-chanHobbyist Photographer

Did it ever happen? I mean did Sam ever kill innocent person or caused death or a really bad injury of innocent person? and if yes, did he regret it?

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iheartBACON5Student Traditional Artist

ah... so once upon a time Sam wasn't a little shit... nice!

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is this gonna be continued? and whats gonna happen? is he gonna become some kind of werewolf?

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LaikaTheSpacePupNew Deviant

I love this! (I’m new to deviant art and I don’t really know how everything works here but uh.. yeah! The is great)

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NuggetNoirHobbyist General Artist


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Is Sam younger in this or is his face different because of... idk art style inconsistencies?

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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist

as usual, reading the description should clear this confusion up. this is before he goes batshit/gains his superhuman status

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MarkiCat2020Student Traditional Artist
No you arent :(
Your probably a lovely person :D
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This seemed to have taken inspiration from Lumine, but awesome art nonetheless!
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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm a little confused, I read Lumine a while ago and other than a wolf being there, I don't see how you could connect the two ? :/

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Series had been updated quote a bit, and one of the human characters had a cat spirit that corrupted him to try and "protect him" because it was afraid of being removed, so I was just wondering a bit
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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist

Animal guardians/protectors/spirits are found in TONS of media and even mythology. It's a fairly simple idea to come up with. I basically came up with the Guardian on my own as Sam needed a way to receive his supernatural abilities, and thought a spirit that guides him would be a relatively easy and interesting way to achieve that

and it's a wolf because wolves are cool :I

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