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I wanted to see how Sam would look with short hair (and a suit, but that's less important)

end result? CURSED lol

Maybe if I stare at it for long enough I'll get used to it and it won't look cursed anymore

anyway i was thinking of an endgame story event for Sam where he???? gets even more powerful and goes completely evil and loses all morals???? that would be kinda fun to explore i think OuO' 
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IAmAtractedToPansHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yo kill it
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FototingobugHobbyist Digital Artist

Your characters are all so diverse and amazing,,, you're incredibly talented, I adore your artwork.

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lalaitgooseHobbyist General Artist

c u r s e s

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StrangeTorporHobbyist Digital Artist

I realized how good looking his mullet was

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Is it r e a l y curesed though?

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ExplosionMareHobbyist Traditional Artist


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Happy birthday! You’ve really inspired me to read online because- heck- your comics are AMAZING!! But I’m not watching you just for that, all your art in general is amazing, too! Have a good birthday and take all the time you need. :)

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Happy Birthday to you Quinn! Happy Birthday Godliek :D

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happy birthday

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Is sam cosplaying as taka from danganronpa-

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420 favorites 👀

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SckelodonStudent General Artist
This is c u r s e d
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SpaceziiiStudent Digital Artist

he looks.... more dapper?

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Loki-ValeskaHobbyist Traditional Artist

He, honestly looks good with short hair to me. Idk why.

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ClusteredxMindHobbyist Digital Artist

this makes me think of the catra haircut and it honestly works tbh

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cursed? nah!
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gachawolf177Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it’s good
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HumanP3rsonHobbyist Digital Artist
Cursed-nah. It is just that feeling when you look at, say, the logo of a company and the colour is off by a bit so you KNOW something is wrong but you can't pinpoint it and you feel mocked because you just can't figure it out why it seems wrong, that's why it's so uncomfortable
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mscrystalloveHobbyist Digital Artist

Wow This Image Is Cursed...I like it !

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HumanP3rsonHobbyist Digital Artist
Reminds me of a danganronpa character, forgot the name but he was mondo friend
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HumanP3rsonHobbyist Digital Artist
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DorkyDoodlezHobbyist General Artist

Oh yeah! Now that I'm looking at it, he kinda does.

Btw his name was Taka ^ ^

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HumanP3rsonHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah thx for the tip! Its prolly the shirt, red eyes and hair making them look so similar
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