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My OC piper, please do not put him in undertale (???) or fnaf (???) collections (why would you do that.....)


I'm having so much trouble starting and drawing comics. It's not the art that's the problem- it's not even the motivation- it's wRITING and coming up with ideas for it. GOD. IT'S HELL.

I could write so easily a year ago, but it's gotten so hard it's IMPOSSIBLE to write. I can't do it. It stresses me out so much that I have to take a break ten minutes into sitting down to write. The whole process, ESPECIALLY the whole coming-up-with-ideas part is so excruciating

;-; it sucks. i'm sorry I can't do more
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heh same im supposed to be drawing a welcoming but here I am shitposting and existing in some comment sections
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I love this robot!!

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“I can’t do comics anymore” 0-0 *looks at latest post* “wait-“
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AberrantPaintHobbyist Digital Artist

i meant that I couldn't do them at that time. i'm still really struggling getting the motivation and energy to do them

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Feircewolf1234Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really hope I didn’t offend you or anything I am truly sorry you do have impeccable art just keep up the great work and I do hope that you don’t rush stories cause the more thought you out into them the greater the journey is
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Feircewolf1234Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh wait sorry this was just a joke. I have a friend who struggles with the same stuff so Ik how it is. Please take as many breaks as you need your doing really good just constantly posted art so yea just take your time with the storylines and stuff. Your fans aren’t going anywhere 🤗
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The website allows you to scream your frustrations to the world from a speaker in Iceland, it's supposed to be therapeutic screaming, lol u even get to have it sent to you by email. It's a good destressor, I hope u find it useful ^w^
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What you use to draw
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My suggestions for trouble with brainstorming/writing/ideas: get a prompt book, start a stream of consciousness journal, make a bullet list of things you want for a story; just anything that's fun and gets something on the paper. Write in bursts, it doesn't all have to be planned out in one sitting and nothing has to be set in stone. Then when you want to put something together you're not starting from scratch and can look back through stuff you've written spontaneously and quite possibly some of those random ideas can jumpstart the creative process.

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KatanaOngakuHobbyist General Artist

Also you have an incredible gift for character design as evidenced by this piece. Take care of yourself above all and well done.

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www.deviantart.com/jsmxmlove/a… this is an gift I made of piper, hope you like it!
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An understandable and common struggle for writers. Don’t worry, just take your time.

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That’s me right now since I was gonna get picked up to go to the beach but passed out and they left me
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you could just do a little mini comic of freddy showing finn around and possibly some sort of emotional scene in the back room

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Question about fnaf

I have a question for Freddy :

Why you just cant Forgive a Goldie this bite im sorry guy but you are not a holy you made a sort of mistakes and you do everuthing to made his life worse seriously foxy hates Goldie because you write him on a paper he cant like him

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CassAttack9Student General Artist

this isn't a FNaF piece tho why you asking this here

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GummyGirl4099New Deviant

Yay I’m so happy you’re back on DA!

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I understand your struggle! having writer's block sucks ASS (though it's probably more than that, I dunno). I don't know how much help I'd be, but I'd suggest taking a break from writing for a bit until you can do it again? At least until you get inspiration to write again. Either way, I'm here if you need support and comfort!

Hugz 4 u HugHugs Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] [Lulu Emote] Hug

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HumanP3rsonHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe can relate to writing problems, can't start sketching cos the story is a meeeessssss
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ParcizivalStudent Digital Artist

"Please don't put him in undertale or FNaF"

You must have never seen either of those games to think he came from them. I kinda get undertale because he could be a monster but FNaF? Really? Some people need to take a hint and realize that not every OC comes from a video game. I can see how you're so frustrated. I would be too. Anyway take your time on the comics if you need to. A cool comic that took a long time to make is better than a bad comic that took a day to make. I hope you feel a less stressed soon.

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NightLightEclipseHobbyist Artist

I really like your comics but if you have trouble coming up with the writing part, It's okay if you have to stop. And perhaps I could suggest that taking a break might be a good option. Maybe later you can resume, but so far you have got a lot of well done pages.

sending hugz! Panda hug

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THATalien1313Hobbyist Digital Artist

i get ya i wish a story ideas would make it self it would be SO much easier!

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